Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Huominen on sinun / [Tomorrow Is Yours] 2K digital colour restoration

FI 1966. PC: Opus Oy. Distributed by: Suomen Raittiusjärjestöjen Liitto, Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto. D: Matti Oksa. SC: Reino Hirviseppä, Matti Oksa. DP: Matti Oksa. M: The Creatures (Kirka Babitzin, Remu Aaltonen). ED: Allan Pyykkö. Commentary read by: Reino Hirviseppä. 15 min

Digital colour restoration (KAVA 2K DCP, 2013) viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki (KAVA Digital Restorations), 8 May 2013.

Synopsis from Elonet: "Matti Oksa's short film discusses problems of the youth from the viewpoint of the mid-1960s. The grown-ups vs. the young ones. Why is the youth making trouble? The screenplay by Reino Hirviseppä makes contributions to a spiritual backbone and safety fence serving us liberally with examples such as the car girl problem, youth prisons, immaturity and ignorance. The music is provided by The Creatures (Remu Aaltonen, Kirka Babitzin), and there is even a glimpse of The Rolling Stones visiting Yyteri during Midsummer, 1965". (My translation).

The audience laughed out loud at the patronizing commentary by Reino Hirviseppä. This film is a splendid example of old world attitudes against which youth rebelled. Käpy selän alla is a perfect contrast to this.

The digital restoration: the colour looks marvellous. The movie is well shot, and the imagery is sophisticated and challenging. The 2K digital version looks like a fantastic analysis of the movie.

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