Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lava 3D

Laava. US © 2015 Pixar Animation Studios. P: Andrea Warren. D: James Ford Murphy. DP: Colin Levy - colour - 2,39:1. AN: James W. Brown, Royce Wesle. Layout artist: Seong-Young Kim. M: "Lava": music, lyrics and ukulele by James Ford Murphy, perf. Kuana Torres Kahele & Napua Makua. S: Ren Klyce. Voice talent in the original version: Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Makua. 7 min
    Screened before Inside Out, released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland.
    3D 2K DCP projection sung in Finnish, Plevna 1, Tampere, 12 Sep 2015

A music short film to the song "Lava", a primordial romance between two volcanoes, personified as masculine and feminine, erupting together.

It is a bold and beautiful concept. Perhaps there is too much idealization and photorealism in the pantheistic romance where everybody is mating: birds, turtles, dolphins... a bit like in Cole Porter's "Let's Fall In Love". But who can object to an atavistic, oceanic, volcanic paean to love.

Digital is not ideal to a presentation of the organic world, but in these circumstances the visual quality is perfect.

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