Friday, March 11, 2016

Ei ikinä enää / Never Again

Carlos Marroquin | Finland 2015 | Fiction | 9 min
PC: Euphoria Borealis. P: Emilia Haukka. D+SC+ED: Carlos Marroquin. DP: Martin Jäger. S: Pekka Sassi. Contact: Carlos Marroquin.
    Eevi Putro (Saara).
    Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition 10
    11+12 March, 2016, Plevna 5, 2

TFF: "A woman finds herself trapped inside the domestic violence cycle. Old habits are hard to get rid of."

AA: A woman alone at home with a dog. Nobody answers when she tries to call. She is nervous and disturbed. She quarrels with her dog and kicks it. She hurts it very badly. She takes it to the veterinary and starts to quarrel with the vet, as well. Kari: "I can't go on with this anymore". "Let me see Emppu again. I promise I will never do it again. Saara, do not call us again". The twist revelation: it is this fragile woman who is the perpetrator of domestic violence. She has probably hurt her child, too.

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