Friday, March 11, 2016

Waste No. 2 Wreck / Hyljätyt

Jan Ijäs | Finland 2016 | Documentary | 11 min
PC: Atalante Ltd. P+D: Jan Ijäs. SC: Jan Ijäs, Karina Horsti. DP: Ville Piippo. S: Svante Coléros. ED: Okku Nuutilainen. M: Matti Ahopelto.
    In English. Narrator: Rebecca Clamp.
    Contact: Atalante Ltd.
    Tampere Film Festival (TFF), National Competition 8
    11+12 March, 2016, Plevna 2 and 5

TFF: "Wreck (Lampedusa, Italy, 2015) was filmed in 2014 and 2015 in the graveyard for refugee boats on the Italian island of Lampedusa. It is story of strange change of value of garbage and rubbish."

AA: A female voice lists items from the wreck of the shipwrecked refugees on Lampedusa. It is a  surreal catalogue. We learn of the history of the island as a crossroads of ancient passages and a repository of Italian Anarchists. The safe harbour of mariners has become an important place for human trafficking. The focus is on the abandoned goods. "These ships have gone through a strange change in value". In bad condition, they have turned into rescue vessels, death vessels. The boats turn into waste, refuge, rubbish. Meanwhile, Lampedusa is a beautiful island, rated high in Trip Advisor, its fantastic beach top ranking. All the colours are just amazing. Here one of the worst maritime accidents took place. Many institutions have expressed interest in recycling and reusing the refuse and the abandoned boats.

An impressive and alarming meditation.

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