Friday, April 22, 2016

Poimija / The Picker

Directors: Mika Koskinen, Reetta Hietaranta, Frida Lindholm, Hanne Härkönen, Janna-Riina Perämäki & Noemi Scherer
Production: Turun Taideakatemia
FI 2015
Technique: puppet animation, stop motion animation
Duration: 3 min
Cinema Andorra, Helsinki (Animatricks, New Finnish Animated Shorts) 22 April 2016

"A mushroom hunt takes a strange turn."

AA:  A mushroom horror fantasy executed in bright autumn colours. A little boy exploring the forest equipped with a mushroom guide is caught in the lair of a man-eating monster mushroom equipped with a "human being guide". Well made with a vivid imagination and a bold colour world.

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