Friday, April 22, 2016

Etwas / Some Thing

Director: Elena Walf
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
DE 2015
Technique: 2D computer animation, a drawn and painted look
Narration/dialogue: only sound and music
Duration: 7 min
Cinema Andorra, Helsinki (Animatricks, International Shorts 1: Metamorphosis of Love) 22 April 2016

Animatricks: "Is it really that bad to have SOME THING strange inside of you what all the others laugh about?!"

IMDb: "Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. For the little mountain it's impossible to keep up with that. He's just in possession of this tiny, strange and useless SOME THING.

AA: A tale of the three big mountains and one little mountain. While the big mountains are rich in resources the little mountain only has a nut. Out of the nut grows a garden, and the three big mountains are drowned in little nuts. Crazy, original, and consistent, with a simple but personal visual concept.

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