Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bo Carpelan on Little Nemo

"Do you still remember what you dreamt about last night? Your bed turned into a boat and floated into a wonderland where houses grew like mushrooms. You landed into an endless hall of mirrors, which turned slowly on its side. There a little strange man lifted his trumpet. You cried No! But nobody listened to you, and all your images were shattered. You woke up and remembered nothing except the fear, and the anxiety, and the dizzying perspectives. You had visited the land of Little Nemo. I have visited it often, myself, since 1976."

"The father of Little Nemo, Winsor McCay (1867-1934) is a great pioneer and master of the graphic art of the comic strip, and Little Nemo is his best-known creation. This little boy - who lives in all of us - was born in October 1905 on the pages of Sunday Herald in New York and lives on in the minds of everyone who have met him and his wild dreams. The reality of his world is ever-changing, curiosity and horror walk hand in hand, and in the world of transformations you meet suddenly yourself. Beware! Reality is fragile! Welcome to the beautiful, strange, and fascinating world of Little Nemo."

- The sleeve notes to the Finnish edition of Little Nemo II (1991) published by Otava, written by the poet Bo Carpelan (1926-2011). The translation is mine. - By permission from Anders Carpelan, who adds that "Little Nemo was one of dad's favourite books".

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