Tuesday, July 01, 1980


Hollywood 5: The Stuntmen. GB 1979. Kevin Brownlow & David Gill. tv
The Man with the Golden Gun / James Bond ja kultainen ase. GB 1974. D: Guy Hamilton. Ian Fleming. Roger Moore (James Bond), Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight), Maud Adams (Andrea Anders), Christopher Lee (Scaramanga). Ri-tvåan
Hollywood 6: The Comedians. GB 1979. Kevin Brownlow & David Gill. tv
Monkey Business / Neljä nolattua neroa. US 1931. The Marx Bros. Filmstaden. Now I have seen all the Marx Bros. films except Room Service and A Night in Casablanca. Animal Crackers is my favourite, A Night in the Opera is great, Monkey Business if fine but too plot-driven
Sabotage / Sabotaasi. GB 1936. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Filmstaden
Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot / Riemuloma Rivieralla / Semestersabotören. FR 1952. D: Jacques Tati. Now I have seen all the Tati theatrical feature films: Jour de fête already perfect, Les Vacances has a touch of melancholy, Mon oncle is my favourite
Angi Vera / Vera och Stalin. HU 1978. D: Pál Gábor. Filmstaden. Veronika Papp is moving. The story of the socialist experiment turning into repression