Sunday, February 01, 1981


The Patsy. (tv) [2] Not as funny the second time, I felt the sadness, instead. Essential Jerry Lewis, anyway.
Der Golem - wie er in die Welt kam / Golem - miten hän tuli maailmaan. DE 1920. D: Paul Wegener & Carl Boese. Filmklubben / Filmstaden. A masterpiece, in full command of the legend.
TV: Hit Service. Slade: Coz I Luv You. Little Feat: Oh Atlanta. The Troggs: With A Girl Like You (Berlin). Boz Scaggs: You Can Have Me Anytime. Robert Gordon: It's Only Make-Believe. The Hollies: The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee.
Privilege / Tänään huipulla. GB 1967. D: Peter Watkins. Paul Jones (vocalist and harmonica player of Manfred Mann), Jean Shrimpton. Fkl / Filmhuset. Interesting concept, fails to move.
Europa '51. IT 1952. D: Roberto Rossellini. Ingrid Bergman. Fkl / Fh. English version. R's boldest film, brought to mind Tolstoy (Resurrection).
Schatten - eine nächtliche Halluzination / Varjoja - öinen harhakuva. DE 1922. D: Arthur Robison. Fkl / Fst. A bad Yugoslavian print. Fascinating concept: shadows play out the hidden desires. How well this was realized was impossible to tell as the print was so bad.
TV: Hit Service. Leo Sayer: More Than I Can Say. Delaney & Bonnie: Poor Elaine. Peter & Gordeon: World Without Love. Graham Parker: Stupefaction (1980). Frankie Avalon: Teacher's Pet. Deep Purple: Fireball.
El bruto. MX 1952. D: Luis Buñuel. Fkl / Fh. Pedro Armendáriz and Katy Jurado are great.
Les Bruits du monde, les cris de la solitude / Tystnaden - den finns inte. FR 1978. D: Robert Manthoulis & Claude Fléouter. Doc. tv. Fine, inventive, creative film-making, theme: sound. I saw but a part.
The Blues Brothers / The Blues Brothers. US 1980. D: John Landis. Lyran. Some of my favourite music and performers.
Na samotě u lesa / Pakopaikka metsikössä / Sommarstället / Seclusion Near a Forest. CZ 1976. D: Jiří Menzel. Filmstaden. Not as good as Rozmarne leto but better than Bajecni muzni s klikou.
City Lights. tv [2] My absolute C. favourite. The millionaire who recognizes the tramp only when drunk. The girl who recognizes him only as long as she's blind.
Easy Rider / Easy Rider - matkalla. US 1969. D: Dennis Hopper. Victoria. Unexpectedly a small masterpiece. A clarity and ruthlessness of vision. The American odyssey as a death trip.
India. FR/IT 1959. D: Roberto Rossellini. Fkl / Fst. I was not yet ready for India.
The Court Jester / Hovinarri. US 1956. D: Norman Panama & Melvin Frank. Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns. tv. I wasn't impressed. Funny: the outlaws are portrayed by children, and the lady is the only man of the story.
Amator / Amatööri / Camera Buff. PL 1979. D: Krzysztof Kieslowski. Filmstaden. One of the best of the contemporary Polish films besides The Man of Marble and Camouflage. Here scenes that seem random grow into a tight and rich whole. Multidimensional yet not confused.
La ilusion viaja en tranvia. MX 1953. D: Luis Buñuel. Fkl / Fh. A light, sympathetic story. A sense of humour and a feeling for the ensemble.
Il generale della Rovere / Kenraali della Rovere. IT 1959. D: Roberto Rossellini. Vittorio De Sica. Fkl / Fh. Clearly different from R's earlier films, missing a sense of urgency.
Era notte a Roma / Rooman öitä. IT 1960. D: Roberto Rossellini. Fkl / Fh. See above.
There's No Business Like Show Business. Fkl / Fh [2]. I saw the SEA print with the magnetic soundtrack in Filmhuset for the first time with sound. Marilyn is the only reason to see this.