Tuesday, April 30, 1985

April 1985 West Berlin

 Viewings for Musta peili:
22 April 1985  The Pit and the Pendulum. Roger Corman. Cliché-ridden, among the weakest in the series.
23 April 1985  The Haunted Palace. Roger Corman. Charles Dexter Ward. Weird, tolerable.
24 April 1985  The Masque of the Red Death. Roger Corman. Ambitious, brutal, pessimistic.
24 April 1985  The Premature Burial. Roger Corman. My favourite in the series (but I have not yet seen Tomb of Ligeia).
25 April 1985  Night of the Demon. Jacques Tourneur. (2). Gets stronger in repeat viewings.
26 April 1985. Cat People. Jacques Tourneur. Likewise.
26 April 1985. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Victor Fleming. Stately, tame, not uninteresting.