Sunday, April 01, 1979


Pekka Parikka: Rakas peto (tv series, FI 1979) with Seela Sella as Laina "Vippi" Hedman.

Faust (Murnau). TAMY 16 mm [2]

TELEVISION WATCH 2–8 April, 1979. Together with Heikki Hellman, Erkki Astala, Jyrki Saarikoski, Esa Sirkkunen and other intrepid companions (fellow students of media studies) we made a commando strike into the land of television and watched Finland's complete television programme for a week. Among the worthy finds were:
Pit Strike
/ Lakko (TV series Premiere, GB 1977, based on a novel by Alan Sillitoe, PC: BBC, D: Roger Bamford);
The Hunt for Doctor Mengele (TV doc, Granada, GB);
[From Mickey Mouse to Snow White]
(TV doc, BBC);
Irma la Douce
(Irma la Douce – pikku pariisitar, US 1963, D: Billy Wilder);
Tukkijoella (Timmerflottarna / The Log River, FI 1951, D: Roland af Hällström);
Docteur Popaul (Susiansa, FR/IT 1972, D: Claude Chabrol, Laura Antonelli);
Tarzan's Secret Treasure
(Tarzanin salainen aarre, US 1941, Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan) (2).
Among the programs viewed but not by me: Rakas peto 1–10 (FI 1979, D: Pekka Parikka). The first episode of one of the most discussed tv series of the year was telecast this week. Somehow the name of a character, "y Morales", has come to represent for me this series which I have never seen.
The results of this survey were published in the television theme issue of Filmihullu magazine, 3/1979.

French Cancan / Ranskalainen cancan. FR/IT 1954. D: Jean Renoir. tv

The Big Knife
/ Filmin kulissien takana. US 1955. D: Robert Aldrich. tv

Journal d'un curé de campagne
/ Papin päiväkirja. FR 1951. D: Robert Bresson. SEA Tampere. half of it only, profoundly impressed

The Bergman File. FI 1978. D: Jörn Donner. tv