Friday, May 31, 1985

May 1985 West Berlin

Lewis Allen: The Uninvited (Paramount Pictures, US 1944) starring Ray Milland and Gail Russell.

Musta peili viewings.

1 May 1985  The Leopard Man. Jacques Tourneur. (2). Not a horror movie.
1 May 1985  I Walked With a Zombie. Jacques Tourneur. (3) By far the best of the Val Lewton horror cycle.
4 May 1985  La Chute de la Maison Usher. A masterpiece. Powerful atmosphere.
4 May 1985  The Phantom of the Opera. 1943. Stately, mild, not uninteresting.
8 May 1985  Circus of Horrors. Sidney Hayers. Unscrupulous exploitation.
8 May 1985  Peeping Tom. Michael Powell. (2) It is fascinating to review after the previous movie, its integrity confirmed.
8 May 1985  The Uninvited. A successful haunted house movie. Ray Milland in fine form.
8 May 1985  The Night of the Hunter. (2). Undoubtedly a horror film.
11 May 1985  The House that Dripped Blood. Amicus episodic horror. 1) A horror writer's vision comes true, qf. The Shining. 2) Waxworks with a Medusa head. 3) Christopher Lee's daughter is a voodoo witch. 4) A vampire actor dons a real vampire's cape.
11 May 1985  The Hunger
11 May 1985  Der Golem revisited
11 May 1985  Vampyr revisited
11 May 1985  Psycho (4) and King Kong are my genre favourites.
13 May 1985  Dr. Cyclops. A colourful adventure horror movie about shrunken people.
15 May 1985  Torture Garden. Amicus episodic horror. 1) A devil cat can make a person rich if it provides humans for food. 2) A woman who aspires to become a film star an eternal beauty: she turns into an android. 3) A monster piano destroys the pianist's girlfriend. 4) The Poe collector's most precious treasure is the writer himself reincarnated in the cellar. - The Amicus episodes value is probably based on Robert Bloch's stories.
16 May 1985  Les Yeux sans visage (2) now uncut, with the face slashing. I had not missed anything.
17 May 1985  The Innocents. Stylish, intensive. The children may be possessed.
31 May 1985  Der müde Tod. (2) I count this masterpiece as a horror film. Death personified.