Thursday, December 02, 1982


Video and film evening 2.12.1982 with Helmut Arlt, Schlüterstrasse. He has a huge video collection (based on Betamax) and his own 35mm home cinema.
- Video: Summer Stock (excerpt) [2]. Thousands Cheer / Sotilasheila (US 1943, D: George Sidney, excerpt). The Ziegfeld Girl / Revyytyttö (US 1941, D: Robert Z. Leonard, Lana Turner, James Stewart, excerpts).
- 35mm: Calling All Girls. US 1942. How Warner Bros. musicals are made. Excerpts from Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, Wonder Bar. Including "By A Waterfall", "Petting In The Park", "Shadow Waltz".
A Lawless Street / Ase on puhunut. US 1955. D: Joseph H. Lewis. Randolph Scott. tv. DF. A memorable image in the beginning. The sheriff (RS) has had a rough time with the violent people of the town. Exhausted, he retreats into his office, locks himself in the cell, and falls into deep sleep.
Монолог / Monologi / Monologue. SU 1972. D: Ilya Averbach. SC: Yevgeni Gabrilovich. Arsenal. Potentially interesting, Chekhovian-Bergmanian starting point. The professor (Mikhail Glutzky) confronts the three important women of his life and other major issues. Lacks fresh insight.
Допрос / Das Verhör / The Interrogation. AZ-SU 1979. D: Rasim Odzhakov. Arsenal. A charged Azerbaidzhan thriller of a prosecutor (Alexander Kalyagin) who risks his life as he exposes an extended net of crime and corruption.
TV evening 11.12.1982. Wetten, dass... An entertainment show with unbelievable tricks such as a truck parking on four beer bottles. Jerry Lewis as the special guest star. Nachrichten. Das aktuelle Sportstudio mit Abendgymnastik. Sydne Rome has established her own Work-Out inspired by Jane Fonda. Der Kommissar. Uschi Seifried.
ვედრება / Vedreba / Molba / Loitsu / Das Gebet / The Plea. GE-SU 1968. D: Tengiz Abuladze. Arsenal. A wild force, intensity on Dovzhenko level. I discover the true power of Abuladze, having been disappointed with The Wishing Tree.
Остановился поезд / Der Zug hielt an / The Train Has Stopped. SU 1982. D: Vadim Abdrashitov. SC: Aleksandr Mindadze. Arsenal. A train accident is the starting-point to examine the power structure of a whole town. Two principles of justice: a formal and a humanistic. Anatoli Solonitsyn in one of his last roles. A strong film of profound interest.
Video evening 19.12.1982. David Bowie & Bing Crosby: The Little Drummer Boy. The Roots of Rock'n'Roll Part 6, including David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes, Madness: One Step Beyond. Terhi
TV 24.12.1982
- Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul / Samu Sirkan joulusirkus
- Tales of the Unexpected: Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat. TV episode. GB 1979. D: Simon Langton. Roald Dahl. Ronald Harwood. Julie Harris. Not as good as the Hitchcock version.
- Starsky and Hutch: Little Girl Lost / Flicka på villovägar. TV episode. US 1976. D: Earl Bellamy. David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser.
- Saturday Night Live. Elliott Gould, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, etc.
TV 25.12.1982
- Fönster mot TV-världen, wonderful animations
- The Night of a Hundred Stars (14.12.1982 Radio City Music Hall / Actors Fund of America 100 Years)
- Gyllene Tider - Parkliv / Gyllene Tider - Parkliv [released in Finland later on dvd]. SE 1981. D: Lasse Hallström. A concert documentary feature of the pop band, in which Per Gessle was active before Roxette.
E.T. / E.T. US 1982. D: Steven Spielberg. Sergel. The cinema was packed, and the Swedish audience was in tears. I had not seen such a reaction since I saw Corazón salvaje in Tallinn in August 1971.
TV 29.12.1982: Pulcinello och Pimpinella. (Pergolesi)
TV 30.12.1982: Earth, Wind & Fire, live at Oakland and London, 60 min, c1982
Sons of the Desert. tv [2]
That's Entertainment 2. tv [2]

Tuesday, November 02, 1982


Die Arbeitsteilung. DE 1968. Educational film at W.F. Haug's seminar.
Black Narcissus / Musta narsissi. GB 1947. D: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. Arsenal. A wild drive, builds up speed towards the powerful finale.
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp / Ystävykset. GB 1943. D: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. Arsenal. A 124 min version. Marvellous, I look forward to the complete version.
A Matter of Life and Death / Kysymys elämästä ja kuolemasta. GB 1946. D: Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger. Arsenal. Did not work for me, too much dryness, also in the humour.
Unser täglich Brot. DD 1949. D: Slatan Dudow. Arsenal. A largely impressive account on the reconstruction of Berlin (DDR), but one of the strands of the storyline gets annoying. The tale of the boy who becomes a spy is not convincing.
Nuit et brouillard / Nacht und Nebel. Arsenal. DF [2]. The German version is important, a part of the official school curriculum in the country.
Das Frauenzimmer. DE 1981. D: Claudia von Alemann. Arsenal. Feministic avantgarde.
Judofrauen haben als Hilfe boten. DE 1982. D: Ulrike Rosenbach. Arsenal. Feministic avantgarde.
Das Hofkonzert / Hovikonsertti. DE 1936. D: Detlef Sierck. tv. Interesting to encounter Rudolf Klein-Rogge (Mabuse) and Alfred Abel (Metropolis) in talking roles.
Arsenal 22.11.1982: Wolf Kahlen's Experimental Videos. DE 1970-1982. Presented by Wolf Kahlen. Arsenal. I Angleichungen. 1. Trespassing. 2. Ich kann sagen, was ich will. 3. I Can't Get Hold Of Her. 4. Body Horizons. II Video Entropy. 5. [systematic experiments of the apertures of the video camera]. 6. Three Unfocused Stories. 7. Ich kann sehen was ich will. 8. Schafe (part V: the letter F, and part VI: the letter E). 9. Ich kann mir schon schöner vorstellen. 10. Haarwasche.
The Wedding March. tv [2] The ZDF reconstruction from the best possible elements, with the colour sequences and the original soundtrack. Kept booming magnificently in my mind days afterwards.

Saturday, October 02, 1982


TV 2.10.1982 Oriana Fallaci: En man
Flying Down to Rio / Carioca. US 1933. D: Thornton Freeland. Astaire & Rogers. Fkl / Fh
VHS 4.10.1982 Casablanca. The Church: The Unguarded Moment. The Beatles clips (incomplete): Magical Mystery Tour, All You Need Is Love, You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, I Should Have Known Better, A Hard Day's Night, Ticket To Ride, Get Back. The Beatles: Twist And Shout (live in Sweden 1963). The Beatles: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (live). Annifrid Lyngstad: Something's Going On. Fun Boy Three: Summertime. Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy. ABC: The Look Of Love. Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy. Box live. Kim Carnes: Voyeur.
The Rolling Stones: Die ersten 20 Jahre. DE c1982. Hannes Rossacher & Rudi Dolezal. VHS. Largely the same material as in The Rolling Stones: History and Highlights. Updated with new material and interviews: Some Girls, Emotional Rescue, Tattoo You, Hal Ashby footage.
Scarlet Street / Punainen katu. US 1945. D: Fritz Lang. VHS. Does not work so well on the box. The caricature in the characters and storytelling. In the final episode Dudley Nichols' vice of overemphasis has not been toned down. Edward G. Robinson's nightmare course starts to feel stupid because of the exaggerated effects. Yet I watched some parts of it many times with fascination.
9.10.1982 A video abuse evening with Vesa, Riitta
VHS 11.10.1982 Casablanca. Peter Gabriel: Shock The Monkey. Haysi Fantayzee: John Wayne Is Big Leggy. Madhouse live. Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze (Woodstock), Hey Joe (Monterey), Hey Joe (a b&w tv performance), Hear My Train A'Comin' (the Hendrix movie theme), Purple Haze ("is it tomorrow, or just the end of time?"). Soundcheck: Hold The Line. Toto: Rosanna.
Cronaca di un amore / Erään rakkauden tarina. IT 1951. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. Lucia Bosè. VHS
La signora senza camelie / Nainen vailla sielua. IT 1953. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. Lucia Bosè. VHS
The Return of Frank James / Frank Jamesin paluu. US 1940. D: Fritz Lang. Henry Fonda. VHS. A pleasure to see Lang out in the open.
Clash by Night. VHS [2]. Strong ingredients, but Odets's play has not been opened up enough.
TV 18.10.1982 Casablanca. The Cheaters live in the studio. Roxy Music: Avalon. Gerry & The Pacemakers: How Do You Do It? Marianne Faithfull: As Tears Go By. The Ronettes: Dancing In The Street. Freddie & The Dreamers: You Were Made For Me. The Motels: Only The Lonely. Simple Minds: Glittering Prize. Yazoo: Don't Go. Bananarama: Shy Boy. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Come On Eileen. Billy Joel: Pressure.
19.10.1982 a video evening with Erkki.

Thursday, September 02, 1982


Till glädje. tv. [2] Maj-Britt Nilsson enchanting.
TV 3.9.1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News
TV 8.9.1982 Raiders of the Lost Tricks
My Darling Clementine. Fkl / Fh [2] after 13 years
Un chapeau de paille d'Italie / Italialainen olkihattu. FR 1927. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh. For me, Max Linder is still funny, but René Clair feels laboured. I observe his work with admiration.
TV 14.9.1982 Marcus Wallenberg memorial programme, an interview with Tage Erlander.
TV 14.9.1982 Dokument utifrån: Argentina.
TV 18.9.1982 Vetenskapens värld: a communicating wonder monkey.
Le Million / Miljoona. FR 1931. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh
Cat People. Fkl / Fh. 16mm [2]
Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих / Toverit / Vieraana ja muukalaisena / Friend Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends. Fkl / Fh. [2] A mishmash of style.
Lady for a Day / Päivä ylhäisönaisena. US 1933. D: Frank Capra. Fkl / Fh. Funny and warmly emotional. The remake Pocketful of Miracles gives just a diluted aftertaste. It is easy to believe this was one of C's own favourites.
Strike Me Pink. US 1936. D: Norman Taurog. Eddie Cantor. VHS. A laboured comedy. The high point: Ethel Merman performs First You Take Me High, Then You Sink Me Low.
Burden of Dreams. US 1982. D: Les Blank. VHS. His documentary on Werner Herzog making Fitzcarraldo.
Валентина / Valentina. SU 1981. D: Gleb Panfilov. Aleksandr Vampilov. Inna Churikova. VHS. Intensity. A successful adaptation of the play.
Quatorze Juillet / Pariisi tanssii. FR 1932. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh
Пять вечеров / Viisi iltaa / Five Evenings. Fkl / Fh. [2] In the presence of Nikita Mikhalkov. Gets weaker, Lyudmila Gurchenko's strained habitus in the beginning feels affected.
One from the Heart / [unreleased in Finland, in 1994 it got the tv name Suoraan sydämestä]. US 1982. D: Francis Ford Coppola. Festival. Flat.

Monday, August 02, 1982


The video effect: I started to have access to home video taped movies and tv programmes in 1980, thanks to Mr. Jouko Hanhinen in Tampere, the first person I knew to have a home video apparatus.
By 1982 I had a VHS video tape recorder, myself. It was now easier to follow complete runs of important tv series. It became possible to rewind to the best clips of music video programmes, and watch favourite movie scenes repeatedly.
I started to arrange regular video evenings at home. We usually watched a complete movie, selected favourite scenes, and top music videos.
First in 1985 I had also a Betamax video tape recorder, but it was mainly to access collections of friends, and I always taped a lot of films for friends. It was my contribution to a video exchange network, and my reward was reasonable access.
For me, video was always only for watching and showing.
I never considered collecting video. I was always aware that it is substandard and not durable.
Writing this in 2008, I still value my VHS apparatus, which I now use to tape extended radio programmes such as operas, concerts, and my favourite radio programme, "YLE Radio 1: Yöklassinen" [YLE Radio 1: The Night Classics] from midnight till 6 am in the morning (Sundays till 7 am). Used as audio tape, VHS is excellent even at half speed or less. YLE Radio 1, one of the great music channels of the world, sends its magnificent programmes uncompressed. Treasures galore!

Sunday, August 01, 1982


Three Godfathers / Pako yli aavikon. US 1948. D: John Ford. VHS. The only slip of style: the religious delusion of the final part of the desert journey is too heavy-handedly emphasized. I watched several scenes over and over again.
The Werewolf of London. US 1935. D: Stuart Walker. VHS. Lacks the definitive urgency of Universal's greatest creations. Waggner's The Wolf Man achieved it.
Rauta-aika 2 / Järntiden 2 / The Iron Age 2. FI 1982. VHS
The Making of Mankind 4. GB 1981. Richard Leakey. tv
6.8.1982 TV: Not the Nine O'Clock News. GB 1980.
Рассказ неизвестного человека / Tuntemattoman tarina / The Story of an Unknown Man. SU 1980. D: Vytautas Zalakevicius. Anton Chekhov. Alexander Kaidanovsky convincing, otherwise bland.
Dracula. US 1931. D: Tod Browning. Bram Stoker. tv. Bela Lugosi is Dracula, art direction and acting are definitive, but the movie suffers from the fact that the play adaptation has not been rendered sufficiently cinematic. Later I watched on vhs the Lugosi introduction several times.
Rauta-aika 3. VHS
The Making of Mankind 5. VHS
13.8.1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News. GB 1980. VHS. The best episode so far. The panel discussion with a talking monkey. The video game presentation with a "Royal Revenge". Two tabloid sellers competing with the goriness of their headlines ("Millions Mangled in M-Way Madness").
14.8.1982: a video abuse evening with Eija, Tapio, Nina
Третья Мещанская / Säng och soffa / Bed and Sofa. VHS [2]. A delicious film, the best scenes watched over and over again.
Fedora / Fedora - arvoituksellinen nainen. FR/DE 1978. D: Billy Wilder. Fkl / Fh. Still going strong.
TV 17.8.1982 Måndagsbörsen på burk 1. The synthetizer bands. Classix Nouveaux, Henkans Supersyntare, Depeche Mode, Rupert Hine, Duran Duran.
Rauta-aika 4. TV. The series was proof that there is good material in the Finnish mythology for a movie. A Finnish counterpart to the samurai film? The images were strong, but the eternal stares of the actors and Paavo Haavikko's clumsy dialogue took the steam away. The purely visual action elements were fine, as was the montage (as long as they did not try tricks on the "this is a play" concept).
King Kong. tv. [3]
The Making of Mankind 6. VHS.
Judge Priest. US 1934. D: John Ford. Fkl / Fst. I did not like this as much as Steamboat Round the Bend.
The Iron Horse / Rautahepo. US 1925. Fkl / Fh. A good print. A presentation with musical accompaniment and the original sound effects. The style of the epic legend is convincing. Ford's finest nuances are not yet in evidence. Impresses with its energy, and the massive production values are put in good use.
20.8.1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News. VHS.
Cat Ballou / Paukkurauta Kati. US 1965. D: Elliot Silverstein. Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin. VHS
22.8.1982 TV: Only When I Laugh. TV comedy series. GB 1979.
23.8.1982 TV: Måndagsbörs på burk: Kvinnorna. Efva Attling. Alice. Carline Carter (*). Olivia Newton-John: Physical (a terrible imitation of Jane Russell in Anyone Here For Love?). Elkie Brooks (***).
24.8.1982 a video abuse evening with Kati, Hannele
25.8.1982 Fkl / Fst double bill:
Le Sang d'un poète [2] +
Un chant d'amour. FR 1950. D: Jean Genet. Unique in its open, naked homosexuality.
La plus belle affiche 1. VHS [2]
Tha Making of Mankind 7. VHS. Richard Leakey's series was excellent. Such works are sufficient justification for the existence of tv.
The Whole Town's Talking / Koko kaupungin puheenaihe. US 1935. D: John Ford. Fkl / Fh. The auteur policy at stake: if they had announced Capra as the director, I would not have suspected anything. The screenwriter is Riskin, the company is Columbia, the star is Jean Arthur, and they create the Capra effect? Or is Ford being influenced by his colleague? Who cares, the film is wonderful.
The Informer / Ilmiantaja. US 1935. D: John Ford. Fkl / Fh. Strong story, great main actor (Victor McLaglen). But marred by overemphasis in expressionism. - Ford is a natural expressionist. When he "turns artistic" he risks mannerism.
27.8.1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News. VHS
Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes. tv [2]
28.8.1982 TV: Maratonrock. Eric Burdon, etc.
La plus belle affiche 2. VHS [2]
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt / Sähkötuoli odottaa. US 1956. D: Fritz Lang. tv. His late, stark style packs a punch.

Thursday, July 01, 1982


The Yellow Sky. tv. DF [2]
Columbo: Etude in Black / Columbo: Etude in Schwarz / Columbo: Synkeä etydi. TVM. US 1972. D: Nicholas Colasanto. Peter Falk, John Cassavetes (as a conductor)
Ebba the Movie. SE 1982. D: Johan Donner. Ebba Grön. Filmstaden
TV 13.7.1982: The Rolling Stones: Jumping Jack Flash (live 1967, 4 min)
Skönhetssalong i Madagaskar. SE 1935. D: Paul Fejos. tv: Guldkorn från SF
The Incredible Hulk [Season 3, Episode 8]: Homecoming. TV series. US 1979. D: John McPherson. Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno. "Hulken"
TV 17.7.1982: Rockrullen / Jerry Williams. Chuck Berry: Memphis, Tennessee. Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls Of Fire. Ruth Brown: Tears Keep Tumbling Down. Fats Domino: Honey Chile ["hold that kiss"]. The Moonglows: Over And Over Again (*). The Coasters: What Is The Secret Of Your Success? Johnny Burnette: Lonesome Train. Carl Perkins: Glad All Over. Elvis: Blue Suede Shoes (1956).
The Rocky Horror Picture Show. GB 1975. D: Jim Sharman. Cinema. Jouni Suomalainen, a friend from Kajaani
The World at War: A New Germany: 1933-1939 [Episode 1]. GB 1973. D: Hugh Raggett. tv. Great
The Making of Mankind 2. GB 1981. Richard Leakey. Magnificent [one of the best-ever tv series was not mentioned in IMDB or Wikipedia in Dec 2008]
TV 24.7.1982 Rockrullen / Jerry Williams. Elvis: Money Honey (1956) (*). The Coasters: Searchin'. The Coasters: Along Came Jones. The Cadillacs: Please, Mr. Johnson. Eddie Cochran: Teenage Heaven. LaVern Baker: Tra La La. The Temptations: My Girl. Elvis: Ready Teddy. Little Richard: Tutti Frutti (1950s). Little Richard: Lucille (from Let the Good Times Roll).
Rauta-aika 1. TV series. FI 1982. D: Kalle Holmberg. Paavo Haavikko, from Kalevala. tv
The Mummy. US 1932. D: Karl Freund. tv. A stylish, poetic horror movie. Boris Karloff as the Egyptian mummy, revived by the ancient curse accidentally uttered by the scientist.
Elton John: Candle In The Wind. GB [The song is from Yellow Brick Road, 1973]. A Marilyn montage with Korea tour footage, Marilyn and Jane put their handprints on the concrete before Grauman's Chinese, her birthday greeting to President Kennedy. Ca 5 min. Eeva Kurki presented on video, taped from The Roots of Rock'n'Roll.

Tuesday, June 01, 1982


The Rolling Stones - History and Highlights. DE 1978. D: Hannes Rossacher (& Rudi Dolezal?). PC: Atlas Film / Rock Film Club (München). Kant-Kino. The best is in the start: Around And Around, apparently from The TAMI Show. - 1964: Ireland, cinéma-vérité. - A Brian Jones sequence, ending with a clip from The Stones in the Park, with Jagger letting the white butterflies in the air. - Schoolboy Blues (= Cocksucker Blues). - It's Only Rock'n'Roll dressed as sailors. - A groupie sequence. - A psychedelia sequence: In Another Land; 2000 Light Years From Home; Jumpin' Jack Flash [the sequences seemed to be out of order]. - Sympathy For The Devil: a condensation of Godard's film. - Rock and Roll Circus. - Long German concert sequences. - Interviews dubbed with German spoken commentary.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? / Houkuttelevat huulet / Sirene in Blond. US 1957. D: Frank Tashlin. Kant-Kino. Masterpiece.
Son of Paleface / Kalpeanaaman poika. US 1951. D: Frank Tashlin. tv. DF. Masterpiece.
The Band Wagon / Iskelmäkaruselli. US 1953. D: Vincente Minnelli. Thalia. Masterpiece.
Ich will doch nur, dass ihr mich liebt. DE 1976. D: R.W. Fassbinder. tv, the beginning only. The most moving RWF bit I had so far seen.
The Gunfighter. tv. DF [2]
The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle. GB 1980. D: Julien Temple. The Sex Pistols. Front-Kino. Masterpiece.
The Who: The Kids Are Alright / The Kids Are Alright. GB 1981. D: Jeff Stein. Kurbel. A reminder of the amazing scope of the magnificent numbers of The Who. Sloppily compiled.
Der Reagan-Besuch. DE 1982. Medienoperative. Video. Modest.
Subida al cielo / Der Weg, der zum Himmel führt. MX 1951. D: Luis Buñuel. Arsenal. Fun in B's early Mexican, unpretetious way.
Yojimbo / Onnensoturi. JP 1961. D: Akira Kurosawa. DF. Filmkunst 66. My first impression: virtuoso but empty. A Fistful of Dollars not only copied the story but some of Clint's mannerisms (the mechanical gestures of Mifune) and the inspiration of Morricone's music are probably here.
The Killers / Tappajat. US 1964. D: Don Siegel. DF. Klick. With Zafer Tosun. I did not like S's easy cynicism, but of course it has a virtuoso touch. Reagan as the main killer looks like today. There was a jolt in the audience when he appeared.
Dirty Daughters. DE 1982. D: Dagmar Beiersdorf. Cinema. With Zafer Tosun. A good example of contemporary Berlin cinema.

Saturday, May 01, 1982


TV 1.5.1982: Let's Rock. An American continuous fun dancing programme with Shaking Stevens, Lulu, etc.
Columbo: Murder by the Book / Columbo: Tödliche Trennung. TV episode. US 1971. D: Steven Spielberg. tv. DF
De Mayerling à Sarajevo / Sarajevon päiviä. FR 1939. D: Max Ophuls. tv. DF. Edwige Feuillère charming.
Grapes of Wrath / Vihan hedelmät. US 1940. D: John Ford. tv. DF. For the first time. Not slighter than the novel. Roosevelt optimism towards the end. The fighting spirit of Tom Joad / Henry Fonda. Almost equally powerful is Preacher Casey / John Carradine, the preacher who has stopped preaching.
TV 2.5.1982: Zeugen des Jahrhunderts: Axel Springer 70 J.
Die verkaufte Braut / Myyty morsian. DE 1932. D: Max Ophuls. tv. A sunny Smetana opera film in comparison to which Bergman's Magic Flute feels laboured.
Camille / Kamelianainen. US 1936. D: George Cukor. tv. DF. Love films suffer dubbed in German.
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife / Siniparran kahdeksas vaimo. US 1938. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv. DF. Comedies suffer dubbed in German. Besides, it's one of L's weakest.
One Hour With You / Hetki sinun kanssasi. US 1932. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv. Enraptured cinema, in a state of grace, one of the top ten musicals.
Johnny Guitar / Wenn Frauen hassen. tv. DF [2]
I Walked With a Zombie. tv. DF [2]
Lady Eve / Nainen Eeva. US 1941. D: Preston Sturges. tv. DF. Depressing in German.
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. US 1948. D. Charles Barton. tv. DF. Boring.
Fitzcarraldo / Fitzcarraldo. DE 1982. D: Werner Herzog. Marmorhaus. Not impressed.
Altered States / Muutostiloja / Der Höllentrip. US 1980. D: Ken Russell. DF. Das Lebende Bild
TV 25.5.1982: Bananas.
An American Werewolf in London / Ihmissusi Lontoossa. US 1980. D: John Landis. DF. Marmorhaus

Thursday, April 01, 1982


Who's Minding the Store? / Jerry, myyntipäällikön kauhu. US 1963. D: Frank Tashlin. tv, DF. Jerry and Tashlin at their best. In the climax Jerry demonstrates the vacuum cleaner's suction power. It draws in everything from the vicinity and then from the whole floor, including the customer's poodle and the saleslady's briefs. The bag of the cleaner swells into a giant balloon which lifts Jerry to the ceiling, where the whole debris of the consumer society explodes.
TV 2.4.1982: Fred Astaire: Change Partners and Dance /Ein Mann tanzt um die Welt 2: Zauberhafte Partnerinnen. US 1980. D: David Heeley. Fred Astaire. (part)
Le Cercle rouge / Punainen ympyrä / Vier im roten Kreis. FR 1970. D: Jean-Pierre Melville. tv. DF. A masterpiece.
TV 3.-4.4.1982: Rockpalast-Festival X Live aus der Grugahalle in Essen. A six hour live transmission. Rick James, Van Morrison, U2, Bob Seger (taped), The Kinks, David Lindley.
Safety Last / Turvallisuus viimeiseksi / Ausgerechnet Wolkenkratzer. US 1923. D: Fred Newmeyer & Sam Taylor. Harold Lloyd. A masterpiece.
Die Wahlverwandschaften / Les Affinités électives. TVM. FR/CZ/DE 1982. D: Claude Chabrol. Goethe. Stéphane Audran (Charlotte), Michael Degen (Hauptmann Otto), Pascale Reynaud (Ottilie), Helmut Griem (Edouard Otto). A boring adaptation of a novel I love. Premiere transmission.
Easter Parade / Sinun kanssasi kahden. US 1948. D: Charles Walters. Garland, Astaire, Ann Miller. tv. A feast of colour and music.
TV 5.4.1982: Hitparade im ZDF. Dieter Thomas Heck, the Heikki Hietamies of Germany.
The Invisible Ray. US 1936. D: Lambert Hillyer. Karloff, Lugosi. tv
It Started with Eve / Se alkoi Eevasta. US 1941. D: Henry Koster. Deanna Durbin, Charles Laughton. tv. DF. Trivial.
Bathing Beauty / Läpi tulen ja veden. US 1944. D: George Sidney. Esther Williams, Red Skelton. tv. Fun.
Ben-Hur / Ben-Hur. US 1925. D: Fred Niblo. Ramon Novarro, Francis X. Bushman, May McAvoy, Betty Bronson. tv. ZDF reconstruction, with colour sequence, 151 min.
Francesco, giullare di Dio / Fransiskus, Jumalan narri. IT 1950. D: Roberto Rossellini. tv. DF. The first hippie. A masterpiece, one of the great Christian films.
პასტორალი / Pastorali / Pastoraali. GE-SU 1976. D: Otar Iosseliani. Arsenal. Original Georgian version. A brilliant print. Each inch of it fine poetry. Iosseliani is one of the best directors today.
10.4.1982 an evening at Berliner Kinomuseum (the city's smallest cinema with a grandiose name):
Fox tönende Wochenschau (from the early 1950s) +
Jamaica Inn / Jamaica Innin rantarosvot. GB 1939. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara. DF. One of his worst. +
Die Duse des Films. The memorial film of Asta Nielsen +
Der fremde Vogel. DE 1911. D: Urban Gad. Asta Nielsen
The Red Shoes. tv. DF [2]
Across the Wide Missouri / Eränkävijäin kuningas. US 1951. D: William Wellman. tv. DF. Gable as a trapper in the 1830 who marries an Indian girl (María Elena Marqués) and is drawn to war with the Indians. Qf. Jeremiah Johnson. Belongs to the Western cycle where justice was attempted to the Indians. But didn't work dubbed in German and shrunk into the tv screen.
Let's Make Love. tv. DF [3] Strangely enough, I liked it more this time.
Brigadoon / Lumottu laakso. US 1949. D: Vincente Minnelli. Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly. tv. DF. A masterpiece.
TV 14.4.1982: Klassiker der Filmkunst: Ernst Lubitsch. DDR.
The Beguiled / Korpraali McB. US 1970. D: Don Siegel. Clint Eastwood. tv. DF. I wasn't impressed.
The Playhouse. tv [3]
Stage Fright / Esirippu laskee. GB 1950. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich. Arsenal. DF. I didn't like it much at this first screening. The well-known plot problem is distracting. The protagonist's mental unbalance is used calculatingly. My favourite scene: where the little child walks towards Dietrich on stage with a "bloody" puppet in her arms.
Илья Муромец / Jättiläisten taistelu / Der Kampf um das goldene Tor. SU 1956. D: Alexander Ptushko. Filmkunst 66: Fantastival. DF. Discovering Ptushko and Soviet fantasy. The hero is a legendary figure stuck in the oven shelter while Mongols wreak havoc in the Ukraine, but once he puts his act together he can accomplish miraculous feats. (Cf. the battles against Napoleon and Hitler). Juicy, humoristic storytelling. Dubbed in German: "Mütterchen!"
Планета бурь / Myrskyjen planeetta / Planet der Stürme. SU 1962. D: Pavel Klushantsov. Filmkunst 66: Fantastival. DF. Largely stylish science fiction.
Ленин в Париже / Lenin Pariisissa / Lenin in Paris. SU 1981. D: Sergei Yutkevich. tv. Weak. Far from the level of Tales of Lenin and Lenin in Poland.
The Palm Beach Story / Hullujen paratiisi. US 1942. D: Preston Sturges. tv. DF. partly.
TV 24.4.1982: The Eurovision Song Contest + ABBA
TV 25.4.1982: Ernst Lubitsch - Lektion in Kino. D: Enno Patalas. tv. I liked the analyses of the Lubitsch tropes.
TV 26.4.1982: Na sowas. A Bavarian pop programme with Thomas Gottschalk.
TV 26.4.1982: Jugend Club. A DDR pop programme.
The Girl Can't Help It / Minkäpä tyttö sille voi / Die Schlagerpiraten. US 1956. D: Frank Tashlin. Kant-Kino. A great rock satire, a great print paying justice to the 1950s Fox colour and CinemaScope. A self-evident choice for the eve of the First of May.

Monday, March 01, 1982


TV: Hit 1.3.1982. Ear Force live. The Searchers: Sugar And Spice (*). Dion: Ruby Baby (1963). Depeche Mode: Just Can't Get Enough. Oak Ridge Boys. Elvis Costello: A Good Year For The Roses. Altered Images: Happy Birthday. Genesis: ABACAB. Diana Ross: Why Do Fools Fall In Love.
TV: Måndagsbörsen 1.3.1982. Häxorna live. Steve Miller: Macho City. Björn Afzelius live. Earth, Wind & Fire. The Pretenders: Message Of Love + clips. Phil Collins. Annifrid Lyngstad. J. Geils Band, etc.
Иван Грозный / Iivana Julma / Ivan the Terrible. Fkl / Fh [3]
Иван Грозный 2 / Iivana Julma 2 / Ivan the Terrible 2. Fkl / Fh [3]. A magnificent, cryptic experience on a big screen. I still have to discover it.
MACK SENNETT. Fkl / Fh 4.3.1982. A great programme of treasures. The variety, the many sides of the S. performers, all films first rate:
Mabel's New Hero. US 1913. D: Mack Sennett. Fatty Arbuckle, Mabel Normand +
Lucky Star. US 1925. [2] D: Harry Edwards. Harry Langdon as an assistant to a charlatan selling miracle drugs. +
Love at First Flight. US 1928. D: Edward Cline. Daphne Pollard as the sweetheart of a hero aviator. +
The Dentist. US 1932. D: Leslie Pierce. W.C. Fields.
An American in Paris / Pariisin lumoissa. US 1951. D: Vincente Minnelli. Fkl / Fh. Starts with Paris clichés, in the conclusion it takes off to flight like a rocket into outer space.
En compagnie de Max Linder / Max Linderin seurassa. FR 1963. D: Maud Linder. Fkl / Fh. Hosted by René Clair. My discovery of Linder. He had his unique persona and style, and although he is often compared with Chaplin, he reminds me most of Lloyd (the irrepressible briskness and extrovert nature without Chaplin's melancholy side). A laugh fest directed with a firm hand. It climaxes towards the end, the scene where the huge club hits, instead of the intended victim, the gloomy cardinal's head, floored the audience with laughter. Only very rarely have I witnessed laugh explosions such as this. All directed by Max Linder:
Be My Wife / Soyez ma femme / Ainoastaan naisille. US 1921. +
Seven Years Bad Luck / Sept ans de malheur / Seitsemän vuoden onnettomuus. US 1921. +
The Three Must-Get-Theres / L'Etroit mousquetaire / Kolme muskettisolttua. US 1922.
The Bad and the Beautiful / Särkyneiden haaveiden kaupunki. US 1952. D: Vincente Minnelli. Fkl / Fh. A Hollywood satire based on a Citizen Kane structure. Strong actors: Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Gloria Grahame.
TV 11.3.1982: Vetenskapens värld: Saturnus i närbild. tv. The Voyager footage.
[Ak kame?] / Белый пароход / Valkea laiva / The White Ship. KG-SU 1976. D: Bolotbek Shamshiyev. Tshingiz Aitmatov. Fkl / Fh. Portraits of children have been strong in Soviet cinema. Great intensity lets down only once, in the dream sequence.
Les Enfants du paradis / Paratiisin lapset. FR 1945. D: Marcel Carné. Fkl / Fh. A great permanent favourite of the Filmklubben. An enthralling Romantic canvas from the Paris in the age of Balzac. Without his eye for society, yet richly full of life. Magnificent cast (Arletty, Barrault, Casares, Brasseur), great art direction (Trauner).
TV 18.3.1982: a fascinating documentary on an artist who makes sculptures of the beach sand. An artist of vanishing works, a little like the film makers.
The Mad Magician. US 1954. D: John Brahm. 3D. TV: ZDF. Part only. Vincent Price as the mad circus magician who on his free time uses his scary circus tricks (woman sliced in a circular saw, or burned on the conveyor belt of the crematorium) for real. Unfortunately, in the end he gets to experience the treatment himself.
TV 26.3.1982: Das Beste aus Rock und Klassik: Tangerine Dream: Human Touch.
Mark of the Vampire. US 1935. D: Tod Browning. Bela Lugosi. tv. Boring.
TV 29.3.1982: Na sowas! Klaus Nomi: Total Eclipse. Kraftwerk: Das Model.
TV 30.3.1982: Kenneth Anger - Film als magisches Ritual. D: Reinold E. Thiel. With clips from Fireworks, Puce Moment, Rabbit's Moon, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Scorpio Rising, Invocation of My Demon Brother, Lucifer Rising.
Captain Kidd / Kapteeni Kidd. US 1945. D: Rowland V. Lee. Charles Laughton. tv. DF
Lucifer Rising. US 1981. D: Kenneth Anger. tv
Scorpio Rising. US 1964. D: Kenneth Anger. tv [2]
Eaux d'artifice. FR 1953. D: Kenneth Anger. tv [2]
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. US 1954-1966. tv [2]. Lucifer Rising, his new film, is his masterpiece. An incantation, a suggestive cult ceremony. He is one of the few who can master the language of cinema in its entirety: montage as in Eisenstein, primal imagery as in Cocteau. Bob Beausoleil's post-acid music is a continuation of the work of Doors (the guy with a life sentence for murder has composed and recorded it in jail). The summing up of the elements: fire (Fireworks), water (Eaux d'artifice), rock (Scorpio Rising), Lucifer (Demon Brother), the witches (The Wizard of Oz)...

Monday, February 01, 1982


Robert Manthoulis: En remontant le Mississippi / Out of the Blacks, Into the Blues 1 : Le Blues du Sud / Along the Old Man River (FR 1973) Brownie McGhee sings "John Henry" (together with Sonny Terry, offscreen).

TV: Hit 1.2.1982. Sun Cats live. B. A. Robinson & Maggie Bell: Hold Me. Kim Wilde: Cambodia. Bill Haley: Crazy Man Crazy. The Tremeloes: Someone Someone.
Casanova / Casanovan lemmenseikkailut. FR 1927. D: Alexandre Volkoff. Ivan Mosjoukine. Filmklubben / Filmhuset. A 9½ mm presentation, ca 80 min, a passable pictorial quality. The orgy scenes famous from the stills were not in evidence in this print. An extravagantly magnificent spectacle, empty inside. Mosjoukine is impressive and not that different from Sutherland in the Fellini version.
TERHI'S VIDEOS. From the programme Chrome 22. The dB's: She's Not Worried [?, impressive colour transformations]: power pop. The Human League: Don't You Want Me: synth pop. Ray Davies: Predictable (*). Thomas Dolby: Europa And The Pirate Twins. Heaven 17: Penthouse And Pavement. +
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Wet Saturday. TV episode. US 1956. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Sir Cedric Hardwicke.
Ball of Fire / Jään tänne yöksi. US 1941. D: Howard Hawks. tv. Somewhat namby-pamby despite script by Wilder & Brackett and the excellent Stanwyck as Sugarpuss.
A Chump at Oxford. tv. half. [2]
Sympathy for the Devil. GB 1968. D: Jean-Luc Godard. The Rolling Stones. Kvartersbion. Apparently the commercial version. The political side is just boring posing. The Rolling Stones part is good, fascinating documentation on how the track is developed.
JAZZ & BLUES 12. Fkl / Fh:
En remontant le Mississippi / Out of the Blacks, Into the Blues. TV doc. FR/DE 1973. 1: Along the Old Man River. 2: A Way to Escape the Ghetto. Robert Pete Williams, Bukka White, Furry Lewis, Roosevelt Sykes, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (*), B. B. King (*), Mance Lipscomb.
JAZZ & BLUES 13. Fkl / Fh:
Chicago Blues. US 1971. D: Harvey Cokliss. Johnnie Lewis (*), Floyd Jones, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters (*), J.B. Hutto and Junior Wells. +
Larry Johnson. US 1970. D: John Hammond, Jr. He's powerful.
Blues Like Showers of Rain. GB 1970. D: John Jeremy. A photo montage to music selected and recorded (?) by Paul Oliver. My favourite: J.B. Lenoir: Been Down So Long; It Hurts Me So Bad.
TV: Hit 8.2.1982. Vox Pop live. Carpenters: Beechwood 4-5789. ELO: Hold On Tight [?]. Sonny & Cher: I Got You Babe. Rachel Sweet: And Then He Kissed Me. Rachel Sweet: Be My Baby.
Rich and Strange / Rikkauden huuma. GB 1932. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Fkl / Fh. Strange but not rich.
The Unforgiven / Leppymättömät. US 1960. D: John Huston. Fkl / Fh. Starts beautifully, and the Griffith association is not only because of Lillian Gish. But ends uglily, the racist tones reportedly Burt Lancaster's fault.
JAZZ & BLUES 14. Fkl /Fh:
St. Louis Blues. US 1929. D: Dudley Murphy. Bessie Smith. +
Leadbelly. US 1945. He sings three numbers. Colour. +
Big Bill Blues. BG 1956. D: Jean Délire. He performs four numbers in a night club in Brussels. * +
Meade Lux Lewis. Three excerpts from 1940s movies +
Mahalia Jackson. CBS News 1961. A memorial programme of ca 30 min *
The Ministry of Fear / Erään merkin varjossa. US 1944. D: Fritz Lang. Graham Greene. Fkl / Fst. A masterpiece.
On purge bébé / [Pannaan lapsi potalle]. FR 1931. D: Jean Renoir. Michel Simon. Fkl / Fst. A dragging farce. The protagonist is an industrialist who is enthusiastic about an unbreakable chamberpot. In the presence of an army dignitary (Michel Simon) as lunch guest the new product is tested by throwing it against the wall, and it shatters into a thousand splinters. It could be promising (satire of the "anal character" of order and discipline), but the means of the sound cinema are not yet in R's command. The gap to his next film, La Chienne, is enormous.
The Ministry of Fear [2]
Woyzeck / Woyzeck - kidutettu. DE 1979. D: Werner Herzog. Georg Büchner. Klaus Kinski. In the tiny screen of a mini tv.
Designing Woman / Mieheni entinen. US 1957. D: Vincente Minnelli. tv. Ok comedy. Two favourite scenes: 1) Gregory Peck's ex "lets slip" hot ravioli on his pants, 2) Peck visiting for the first time Lauren Bacall's design home compares it to his sport reporter's dump and states: "Bad for the ego".
TV: Hit 15.2.1982. Beauty live. The Hollies: a potpourri of their oldies + Take My Love And Run [?]. Little Richard: Long Tall Sally. Gene Pitney: Town Without Pity [?]. Adam Faith & The Roulettes: Poor Me [2]. The Specials: Ghost Town. Colin Blunstone: What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted. James Brown: Rap Payback. Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.
TV: Måndagsbörsen 15.2.1982. Chaz Jankel: Questionnaire (*). Alice live. ELO: Twilight. Lonnie Donegan live.
TERHI'S VIDEOS. Robert Palmer: Some Guys Have All The Luck. Landscape: Norman Bates. Depeche Mode: Just Can't Get Enough. Adam & The Ants: Prince Charming. The Pretenders: Message Of Love ("the reason we're here"). Pat Benatar: Fire And Ice. The Tubes: Suzie Girl. Linx: Intuition. Spandau Ballet: Paint Me Down. Duran Duran: Careless Memories. Pete Shelley: Homosapien. The Police: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. The Church: In Unguarded Moments. etc. +
Da nao tian gong / Uproar in Heaven 1-2 / Kung Markatta / Apinakuningas. CN 1965. D: Wan Laiming. Shanghai Animation Film Studio, based on the Pilgrimage to the West. A masterpiece.
TV: Dallas 37: Kvinnorna Ewing. US 1979
Finian's Rainbow / Finianin sateenkaari. US 1968. D: Francis Ford Coppola. tv. A version of over 2 hrs. Basically a fiasco, yet an often captivating fairy-tale. The American dream still in pure form: a 1940s Broadway hit, Fred Astaire, Hermes Pan, Rainbow Valley, still caught this well this late. The searchers find the end of the rainbow in a little village in Deep South. They find the treasure and are granted the opportunity to realize three wishes. One of the wishes is that the racist bigot white governor is turned black... (Because of this it was impossible to film this before).
TV: Hit 22.2.1982. Warm Guns live. Alvin Stardust live. The Human League: Open Your Heart. Dance styles: the madison (1960), the locomotion (1962). Dollar: Mirror, Mirror. Bill Wyman: Si, Si, Je Suis Un Rock Star. Shakin' Stevens: Oh! Julie.
TV: Måndagsbörsen 22.2.1982. Janne Garman live. M.A. Numminen & Pedro Hietanen live. Hall & Oates: I Can't Go For That. Secret Service: Flash In The Night. Chris de Burgh live.
The Fugitive / Elämisen oikeus. US 1947. D: John Ford. Graham Greene. Henry Fonda. Fkl / Fst. A phony look at the Mexican revolution.
TV: Dokument utifrån - Där kokainen härskar. FR. Shot in Bolivia, Florida.
Zezowate szczéscie / Kierosilmäinen onni / Olycksfågeln / Bad Luck / De la veine à revendre. PL 1960. D: Andrzej Munk. Fkl / Fh. The master's touch in evidence, but there is a bitter, burnt-out taste in this would-be-comedy.
Pasazerka / Matkustaja. PL 1961/1963. D: Andrzej Munk. The strongest fiction I had seen set on a concentration camp. The director's vision on levels seldom reached (Bergman, Resnais). This could have influenced others like Bergman's Persona.
Tristana. tv. half an hour. [2] His worst.
TERHI'S VIDEOS. Elvis Costello in Nashville (material from the album Trust). +
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Into Thin Air. US 1955. D: Don Medford. The same story as So Long At the Fair (Terence Fisher).
A kedves szomszéd / Mukava naapuri. HU 1979. D: Zsolt Kézdi-Kovács. Fkl / Fh. Nice.

Friday, January 01, 1982


The film of the year: Doug Lower: Merchants of Grain (CBC 1981), SC+narrator Dan Morgan, The Washington Post investigative journalist, based on his book Merchants of Grain: The Power and Profits of the Five Giant Companies at the Center of the World's Food Supply (1979)

Escape from New York / Pako New Yorkista. US 1981. D: John Carpenter. Fst. Fine art direction: Manhattan turned into a ghost town. Impressive music. But there is a quasi-fascist dimension in the picture.
Ingrid Bergman - det var så roligt så länge det varade. SE 1981. D: Gunnel Broström. tv. An interview with clips from Intermezzo, Casablanca, and Höstsonaten. Conventional.
Susan Slept Here / Susanna nukkui täällä. US 1953. D: Frank Tashlin. tv. The lethargic touch of the comedy has a distanciating effect. Narrated by the Oscar statuette of the screenwriter (Dick Powell). T. at his most indifferent.
La plus belle affiche... 1: Le Paradis perdu / Den franska stjärnparaden 1. FR 1980. D: Marie-Madeleine Nahon. tv. A great French That's Entertainment starring Maurice Chevalier, Mistinguette, Josephine Baker, Jean Gabin, Lucienne Boyer, Ray Ventura, Charles Trenet, Tino Rossi, Fernandel.
JAZZ & BLUES 3. Filmklubben / Filmstaden.
Black and Tan. US 1929. D: Dudley Murphy. Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club Orchestra. The death of the beauty.
Fats Waller. US 1941. Three pieces: Ain't Misbehaving. Honeysuckle Rose. The Joint Is Jumpin'.
Caldonia. US 1945. D: William Forest Crouch. Louis Jordan and his Tympani Five. A loose farce about making a movie.
Boy! What a Girl. US 1947. D: Arthur Leonard. Clips with Slam Stewart Trio and "Big" Sid Catletts Band.
Jivin' in Bebop. US 1947. D: Leonard Anderson. Dizzy Gillespie and His Big Band.
Andy Kirk. US 1948.
Nat King Cole Trio. US 1948.
Charlie Parker. US 1951. A clip from a tv show.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Tri Jekyll ja Mr. Hyde. US 1932. D: Rouben Mamoulian. Fkl / Filmhuset. 16 mm. Fredric March bravura. Miriam Hopkins electrifying. The Paramount brand: an erotic touch.
Rope of Sand / Tuhoavaa hiekkaa. US 1949. D: William Dieterle. Fkl / Fst. An adventure with Casablanca influences. Burt Lancaster and Corinne Calvet backed up by Claude Rains, Paul Henreid, Peter Lorre. A Paramount touch here, too, the erotic touch has a sadistic flavour.
The Killers / Tappajat. US 1946. D: Robert Siodmak. Fkl / Fh. A convincing thriller. Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner in their double debut.
La plus belle affiche... 2: Je ne regrette rien. FR 1980. D: Marie-Madeleine Nahon. tv. Starring Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Arletty, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Boris Vian, Jean Ferre, George Brassens, Jacques Brel, Juliette Greco, Charles Aznavour. - In the two parts there were clips from ca 35 films and 15 tv shows.
The Incredible Shrinking Man / Mies joka kutistui. US 1956. D: Jack Arnold. Fkl / Fh. An excellent fantasy in the shadow of nuclear horror, crystallizing into the cosmic irony of the conclusion.
Terhi's videos. Bruno Bozzetto: La cabina (animation). Lotte Lenya (a couple of songs).
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: One More Mile to Go. US 1957. D: Alfred Hitchcock. There is a corpse hidden in the trunk of David Wayne's car .
Pop videos: The Pretenders live. Ultravox live. Clash: This Is Radio Clash. The Rolling Stones: Neighbors. Japan: Visions Of China. Stray Cats: Little Miss Prissy. Toni Basil: Be Stiff. David Bowie: Boys. The Simple Minds: Love Song. Human League: Love Action. Tom Petty: A Woman In Love. Duran Duran: Girls On Film. Bow Wow Wow: Chihuahua. The Troggs: I Can't Control Myself. The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever. Jimi Hendrix: Wild Thing. Robert Palmer: A Bad Case Of Loving You. The Motels: Days Are O.K. Dexy's Midnight Runners: I Couldn't Help It If I Tried. Devo: Whip It. Elvis Costello: A Good Year For The Roses. Altered Images: Happy Birthday. The Flying Padovanis live. Spandau Ballet: I Don't Need This Pressure On. David Bowie: Life On Mars? Police: Invisible Sun. Ultravox: Thin Wall. Pearl Harbor live. Tom Tom Club: Genius Of Love. Alabama: The Closer You Get. Spandau Ballet: Look At The Thousands Of Boys.
Jethro Tull: A. GB 1980. tv. Not impressed.
Freaks. US 1932. D: Tod Browning. Fkl / Fst. Great.
Dallas 32: Rodeo [Season 3, Episode 8]. US 1979. D: Leonard Katzman.
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler 1: Ein Bild der Zeit. Fkl / Fst. [2] A 160 min presentation. I missed the demonic Elfers music. Speed too slow.
Frankenstein. US 1931. D: James Whale. Boris Karloff. Fkl / Fh. A low contrast print. Great.
Island of Lost Souls. US 1933. D: Erle C. Kenton. Charles Laughton. Fkl / Fst. A low contrast print. Great.
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler 2: Inferno - Menschen der Zeit. Fkl / Fh. [2] A 120 min presentation. Too slow.
West Side Story / West Side Story. US 1961. D: Robert Wise. Jerome Robbins. Riviera. Requiem for Natalie Wood (1938-1981).
The Body Snatcher. US 1945. D: Robert Wise. Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi. Fkl / Fh. A 16mm C&C television print with low contrast night scenes. Great.
Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse / Tri Mabusen 1000 silmää. DE 1960. Fkl / Fh. "I want to be the one who pushes the button". Dawn Addams again spied on in the hotel room (see A King in New York). Lethargic, the magic is gone. The maniac has been replaced by a cool Wirtschaftswunder type.
Custer of the West / Lännen suuri taistelija. US 1966. D: Robert Siodmak. Robert Shaw. tv. I saw some 40 min of the ending: Little Big Horn.
Harper / The Moving Target / Lew Harper - yksityisetsivä. US 1965. D: Jack Smight. tv. The private eye in California, Ross McDonald country, interesting superficial quick vision on 1960s California: the fanatics of Oriental sects, the ubiquitous, unsatisfied sexuality. Paul Newman is on top of it. The crime story as a pretext to a tour of the society.
Pirveli mertskhali / Pervaja lastotshka /Den första svalan / Ensimmäinen pääskynen / The First Swallow. GE-SU 1976. D: Nana Mtshedlidze. tv. Slow-tempo Eastern films suffer on tv.
Hit (tv). George Harrison: All Those Years Ago (+). Bill Haley: Rock Around The Clock (o). The GoGos: Our Lips Are Sealed (+). Doris D And The Pins: Dance On (o). The Shadows: Frightened City (+).
Merchants of Grain. CBC 1981. D: Doug Lower. SC+narration: Dan Morgan. The most important film of the year. The investigative journalist of The Washington Post on the international grain trade.
Dallas 34: Breast Operation. US 1979. D: Irving J. Moore. tv. Barbara Bel Geddes breast is operated on.
From Here To Eternity / Täältä ikuisuuteen. US 1953. D: Fred Zinnemann. Fkl / Fh. Great.
Belle de jour. tv [2] Better than I remembered (last time 12 years ago). The carriage as the image of transition to the realm of dream and death.