Wednesday, June 01, 1983


Дикая охота короля Стаха / Kuningas Stachus metsästää / The Savage Hunt of King Stachus. SU 1979. D: Valeri Rubintshik. TV, DDR, DF. The first Soviet horror movie I have seen. Captivating visually but dragging story-wise.
4.6.1983 TV Hitparade. Wham!: Bad Boys. Tears For Fears: Pale Shelter. The Flirts: Calling All The Boys. Yello: I Love You. Irene Cara: Flashdance (What A Feeling), etc.
С.В.Д. / S.V.D. / SWD - Der Bund der grossen Tat / SVD - The Club of the Big Deed. SU 1927. D: Grigori Kozintsev & Leonid Trauberg. TV. A fine ZDF reconstruction by Jürgen Labenski & Gerd Luft clocks at 85 min. A lyrical film about the Decabrist revolution.
5.6.1983. Helmut Arlt. Clips: Solange Du da bist / Varjot palaavat (DE 1953, D: Harald Braun, with Maria Schell, Hardy Krüger). Fanny by Gaslight / Tyttö ja kiusaus (GB 1944, D: Anthony Asquith, with Phyllis Calvert, James Mason, Stewart Granger). Cartoons from the 1940s.
House by the River. US 1949. D: Fritz Lang. Arsenal. A tight, dark murder story about a writer who happens to strangle his maid and drifts into a vortex of fraud and crime.
8.6.1983 VHS:
- Carl Sagan: Cosmos: Episode 3: Harmony of the Worlds
- Carl Sagan: Cosmos: Episode 6: Travelers' Tales
- Carl Sagan: Cosmos: Episode 8: Journeys in Space and Time
- Carl Sagan: Cosmos: Episode 10: The Edge of Forever / På randen till evigheten
- Carl Sagan: Cosmos: Episode 13: Who Speaks for Earth? / Vem för Jordens talan?
After a cumbersome start Sagan gets into full speed. Reality is stranger than fiction.
Feet First / Jalat edellä. US 1930. D: Clyde Bruckman. Harold Lloyd. TV, DF. 72 min, short version. I liked this quite a bit.
Moonfleet / Kätketty aarre / DF: Das Schloss im Schatten. US 1955. D: Fritz Lang.
The Blue Gardenia / Sininen gardenia / DF: Gardenia - Eine Frau will vergessen. US 1953. D: Fritz Lang.
Der Tiger von Eschnapur / Eschnapurin tiikeri. DE 1958. D: Fritz Lang.
Providence. FR/CH 1977. D: Alain Resnais. DF.
This Island Earth / Tuntematon maailma. US 1954. D: Joseph M. Newman. TV, DF.
14.6.1983 TV: Bananas.
15.6.1983 a video session at Helmut Arlt:
- The Gold Specialist. US 1930. D: Louis Brice. W.C. Fields.
- The Dentist. US 1932. D: Leslie Pearce. W.C. Fields. P: Mack Sennett.
- The Fatal Glass of Beer. US 1933. D: Clyde Bruckman. W.C. Fields. P: Mack Sennett.
- The Pharmacist. US 1933. D: Arthur Ripley. W.C. Fields. P: Mack Sennett.
- The Barber Shop. US 1933. D: Arthur Ripley. W.C. Fields. P: Mack Sennett.
- The Raven / Korppi (TV 1998). US 1935. D: Louis Friedlander. Karloff & Lugosi.
- Das indische Grabmal / Maharadjan kosto. DE 1938. D: Richard Eichberg.
- Jazz on a Summer's Day / Jazzin juhlaa. US 1959. D: Bert Stern. Jimmy Giuffre: Train and the River. Thelonious Monk: Blue Monk.
Das indische Grabmal / Maharadjan kosto. DE 1959. D: Fritz Lang.
17.6.1983 TV: Enorm in Form, Tele-Aerobic für die Familie. - Heute. - Night Crossing / Mit dem Wind nach Westen / Pako yössä. US 1982. D: Delbert Mann. Walt Disney Productions. Axel Springer. East Germans have only one thought: to escape. Two families cross the border with a hot-air balloon.
Крылья / Wings. SU 1966. D: Larisa Shepitko. Maja Bulgakova. TV, DDR, DF.
The Southerner / Etelän mies. US 1945. D: Jean Renoir. Probably a 16mm print.
22.6.1983 video session:
- Der Kongress tanzt / Tanssiva kongressi. DE 1931. D: Eric Charell.
- Jazz on a Summer's Day. [2]
- Three Ages / Kolme aikakautta. US 1923. Buster Keaton. Great
- Go West / Lähde länteen! US 1925. Buster Keaton. Great.
- The Saphead / Busterin miljoonat. US 1920: D: Herbert Blaché. Buster Keaton. Negligible.
Identificazione di una donna. IT/FR 1982. D: Michelangelo Antonioni.
25.6.1983 TV: Formel Eins.
29.6.1983 video session:
- Olavi Virta. FI 1971. D: Peter von Bagh.
- The Cameraman / Kameramies. US 1928. Buster Keaton.
- Mighty Joe Young / Afrikan aave. US 1949. D: Ernest B. Schoedsack.
- Morgenrot / Aamurusko. DE 1933. D: Gustav Ucicky.
- Dr. X. US 1932. D: Michael Curtiz.