Saturday, May 01, 1982


TV 1.5.1982: Let's Rock. An American continuous fun dancing programme with Shaking Stevens, Lulu, etc.
Columbo: Murder by the Book / Columbo: Tödliche Trennung. TV episode. US 1971. D: Steven Spielberg. tv. DF
De Mayerling à Sarajevo / Sarajevon päiviä. FR 1939. D: Max Ophuls. tv. DF. Edwige Feuillère charming.
Grapes of Wrath / Vihan hedelmät. US 1940. D: John Ford. tv. DF. For the first time. Not slighter than the novel. Roosevelt optimism towards the end. The fighting spirit of Tom Joad / Henry Fonda. Almost equally powerful is Preacher Casey / John Carradine, the preacher who has stopped preaching.
TV 2.5.1982: Zeugen des Jahrhunderts: Axel Springer 70 J.
Die verkaufte Braut / Myyty morsian. DE 1932. D: Max Ophuls. tv. A sunny Smetana opera film in comparison to which Bergman's Magic Flute feels laboured.
Camille / Kamelianainen. US 1936. D: George Cukor. tv. DF. Love films suffer dubbed in German.
Bluebeard's Eighth Wife / Siniparran kahdeksas vaimo. US 1938. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv. DF. Comedies suffer dubbed in German. Besides, it's one of L's weakest.
One Hour With You / Hetki sinun kanssasi. US 1932. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv. Enraptured cinema, in a state of grace, one of the top ten musicals.
Johnny Guitar / Wenn Frauen hassen. tv. DF [2]
I Walked With a Zombie. tv. DF [2]
Lady Eve / Nainen Eeva. US 1941. D: Preston Sturges. tv. DF. Depressing in German.
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. US 1948. D. Charles Barton. tv. DF. Boring.
Fitzcarraldo / Fitzcarraldo. DE 1982. D: Werner Herzog. Marmorhaus. Not impressed.
Altered States / Muutostiloja / Der Höllentrip. US 1980. D: Ken Russell. DF. Das Lebende Bild
TV 25.5.1982: Bananas.
An American Werewolf in London / Ihmissusi Lontoossa. US 1980. D: John Landis. DF. Marmorhaus