Thursday, December 02, 1982


Video and film evening 2.12.1982 with Helmut Arlt, Schlüterstrasse. He has a huge video collection (based on Betamax) and his own 35mm home cinema.
- Video: Summer Stock (excerpt) [2]. Thousands Cheer / Sotilasheila (US 1943, D: George Sidney, excerpt). The Ziegfeld Girl / Revyytyttö (US 1941, D: Robert Z. Leonard, Lana Turner, James Stewart, excerpts).
- 35mm: Calling All Girls. US 1942. How Warner Bros. musicals are made. Excerpts from Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, Wonder Bar. Including "By A Waterfall", "Petting In The Park", "Shadow Waltz".
A Lawless Street / Ase on puhunut. US 1955. D: Joseph H. Lewis. Randolph Scott. tv. DF. A memorable image in the beginning. The sheriff (RS) has had a rough time with the violent people of the town. Exhausted, he retreats into his office, locks himself in the cell, and falls into deep sleep.
Монолог / Monologi / Monologue. SU 1972. D: Ilya Averbach. SC: Yevgeni Gabrilovich. Arsenal. Potentially interesting, Chekhovian-Bergmanian starting point. The professor (Mikhail Glutzky) confronts the three important women of his life and other major issues. Lacks fresh insight.
Допрос / Das Verhör / The Interrogation. AZ-SU 1979. D: Rasim Odzhakov. Arsenal. A charged Azerbaidzhan thriller of a prosecutor (Alexander Kalyagin) who risks his life as he exposes an extended net of crime and corruption.
TV evening 11.12.1982. Wetten, dass... An entertainment show with unbelievable tricks such as a truck parking on four beer bottles. Jerry Lewis as the special guest star. Nachrichten. Das aktuelle Sportstudio mit Abendgymnastik. Sydne Rome has established her own Work-Out inspired by Jane Fonda. Der Kommissar. Uschi Seifried.
ვედრება / Vedreba / Molba / Loitsu / Das Gebet / The Plea. GE-SU 1968. D: Tengiz Abuladze. Arsenal. A wild force, intensity on Dovzhenko level. I discover the true power of Abuladze, having been disappointed with The Wishing Tree.
Остановился поезд / Der Zug hielt an / The Train Has Stopped. SU 1982. D: Vadim Abdrashitov. SC: Aleksandr Mindadze. Arsenal. A train accident is the starting-point to examine the power structure of a whole town. Two principles of justice: a formal and a humanistic. Anatoli Solonitsyn in one of his last roles. A strong film of profound interest.
Video evening 19.12.1982. David Bowie & Bing Crosby: The Little Drummer Boy. The Roots of Rock'n'Roll Part 6, including David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes, Madness: One Step Beyond. Terhi
TV 24.12.1982
- Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul / Samu Sirkan joulusirkus
- Tales of the Unexpected: Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat. TV episode. GB 1979. D: Simon Langton. Roald Dahl. Ronald Harwood. Julie Harris. Not as good as the Hitchcock version.
- Starsky and Hutch: Little Girl Lost / Flicka på villovägar. TV episode. US 1976. D: Earl Bellamy. David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser.
- Saturday Night Live. Elliott Gould, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, etc.
TV 25.12.1982
- Fönster mot TV-världen, wonderful animations
- The Night of a Hundred Stars (14.12.1982 Radio City Music Hall / Actors Fund of America 100 Years)
- Gyllene Tider - Parkliv / Gyllene Tider - Parkliv [released in Finland later on dvd]. SE 1981. D: Lasse Hallström. A concert documentary feature of the pop band, in which Per Gessle was active before Roxette.
E.T. / E.T. US 1982. D: Steven Spielberg. Sergel. The cinema was packed, and the Swedish audience was in tears. I had not seen such a reaction since I saw Corazón salvaje in Tallinn in August 1971.
TV 29.12.1982: Pulcinello och Pimpinella. (Pergolesi)
TV 30.12.1982: Earth, Wind & Fire, live at Oakland and London, 60 min, c1982
Sons of the Desert. tv [2]
That's Entertainment 2. tv [2]