Thursday, September 02, 1982


Till glädje. tv. [2] Maj-Britt Nilsson enchanting.
TV 3.9.1982 Not the Nine O'Clock News
TV 8.9.1982 Raiders of the Lost Tricks
My Darling Clementine. Fkl / Fh [2] after 13 years
Un chapeau de paille d'Italie / Italialainen olkihattu. FR 1927. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh. For me, Max Linder is still funny, but René Clair feels laboured. I observe his work with admiration.
TV 14.9.1982 Marcus Wallenberg memorial programme, an interview with Tage Erlander.
TV 14.9.1982 Dokument utifrån: Argentina.
TV 18.9.1982 Vetenskapens värld: a communicating wonder monkey.
Le Million / Miljoona. FR 1931. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh
Cat People. Fkl / Fh. 16mm [2]
Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих / Toverit / Vieraana ja muukalaisena / Friend Among Strangers, Stranger Among Friends. Fkl / Fh. [2] A mishmash of style.
Lady for a Day / Päivä ylhäisönaisena. US 1933. D: Frank Capra. Fkl / Fh. Funny and warmly emotional. The remake Pocketful of Miracles gives just a diluted aftertaste. It is easy to believe this was one of C's own favourites.
Strike Me Pink. US 1936. D: Norman Taurog. Eddie Cantor. VHS. A laboured comedy. The high point: Ethel Merman performs First You Take Me High, Then You Sink Me Low.
Burden of Dreams. US 1982. D: Les Blank. VHS. His documentary on Werner Herzog making Fitzcarraldo.
Валентина / Valentina. SU 1981. D: Gleb Panfilov. Aleksandr Vampilov. Inna Churikova. VHS. Intensity. A successful adaptation of the play.
Quatorze Juillet / Pariisi tanssii. FR 1932. D: René Clair. Fkl / Fh
Пять вечеров / Viisi iltaa / Five Evenings. Fkl / Fh. [2] In the presence of Nikita Mikhalkov. Gets weaker, Lyudmila Gurchenko's strained habitus in the beginning feels affected.
One from the Heart / [unreleased in Finland, in 1994 it got the tv name Suoraan sydämestä]. US 1982. D: Francis Ford Coppola. Festival. Flat.