Wednesday, October 01, 1980


La città delle donne. Aniente, Rome [2]
Rust Never Sleeps. US 1979. D: Bernard Shakey (= Neil Young). Il Labirinto, Rome
The Conquest / Kreivitär Walewska. US 1937. D: Clarence Brown. Archimede, Rome. Greta Garbo. Her 75th anniversary: there is a shimmering in Mata Hari directed by George Fitzmaurice who also directed the very interesting As You Desire Me after Pirandello. The Conquest is mediocre, Charles Boyer out of his depth as Napoléon
Magnum Force / Magnum 44. US 1973. D: Ted Post. Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry). Sergel-teatern
Bronco Billy / Bronco Billy. US 1980. D: Clint Eastwood. Bostock. My Clint Eastwood year: High Plains Drifter is a revenge legend where the ghost who returns forces the inhabitants to paint their town red and renames it Hell. Magnum Force is a fascinating attack against vigilantism. Every Which Way But Loose turns the star image upside down: he is a loser in fight and love, with an orangutang his only friend. Escape from Alcatraz is a masterpiece. Bronco Billy is modest entertainment, Clint hates violence, finds symbiosis in the contradictory situation with the heritage of machismo and facing feminism.
The Shining / Hohto. GB/US 1980. D: Stanley Kubrick. Filmstaden
Lolita / Lolita. GB 1962. D: Stanley Kubrick. Filmklubben / Filmstaden
Tout va bien / Kaikki ovat oikeassa. IT/FR 1972. D: Jean-Luc Godard. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
The Harder They Come. JM 1973. D: Perry Henzell. Cinema
Rockers. JM 1978. D: Ted Bafaloukos. Filmstaden
Radio On / Radio On. GB/DE 1980. D: Chris Petit. Filmstaden
Sauve qui peut (la vie) / Pelastukoon ken voi. FR/AT/DE/CH 1980. D: Jean-Luc Godard. Corona, Helsinki. Godard discoveries: Tout va bien pleasantly humoristic and offbeat. Sauve qui peut more interesting as a phenomenon, of utter desillusion.