Monday, December 31, 1984


Victor Halperin: White Zombie (US 1932), the first zombie movie.

2 Dec 1984  Zlatye gory / Golden Mountains (SU 1931). D: Sergei Yutkevich. video
2 Dec 1984  Tabus von Vorgestern. Video
4 Dec 1984  Der Tiger von Eschnapur (DE 1938). D: Richard Eichberg. video
7 Dec 1984  La maschera del demonio (IT 1960). DF. D: Mario Bava. video
7 Dec 1984  The Gorgon (GB 1964) D: Terence Fisher. video
8 Dec 1984  Dracula (GB 1958) DF. D: Terence Fisher. video
8 Dec 1984  Island of Terror (GB 1966) DF. D: Terence Fisher. video
9 Dec 1984  Videoabend bei Helmut Arlt
11 Dec 1984  The Son of Kong (US 1933). D: Ernest B. Schoedsack. video
12 Dec 1984  Body Snatcher
12 Dec 1984  I Was a Male War Bride (US 1949). D: Howard Hawks
12 Dec 1984  tapes reserved for viewing:
    The Face Behind the Mask
    X The Man With the X-Ray Eyes
    The Curse of the Werewolf
    The Terror
    La maschera del demonio
    Dracula (Fisher)
    The Day of the Triffids
    Dracula - Prince of Darkness
    The Revenge of Frankenstein
    Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
    Revenge of the Creature
    Dawn Patrol
    I Was a Male War Bride
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Paid to Love

14 Dec 1984  Der Student von Prag. timed
14 Dec 1984  White Zombie (US 1932). D: Victor Halperin

16 Dec 1984  Das indische Grabmal (DE 1938). D: Richard Eichberg. video
16 Dec 1984  TV: Bagen
16 Dec 1984  Orchestra Wives (GB 1942). D: Archie Mayo. Glenn Miller. video
16 Dec 1984  The Revenge of Frankenstein (GB 1958). D: Terence Fisher. video
18 Dec 1984  Nosferatu (DE 1922). D: F. W. Murnau. video [2]
20 Dec 1984  The Invisible Man (US 1933). D: James Whale. video
21 Dec 1984  Der Student von Prag. video
22 Dec 1984. Dracula. D: Terence Fisher. video
23 Dec 1984  The Mummy (GB 1959). D: Terence Fisher. video
23 Dec 1984  Vera Cruz (US 1954). D: Robert Aldrich. video
24 Dec 1984  Frankenstein (US 1931). D: James Whale. video
24 Dec 1982  The Bride of Frankenstein (US 1935). D: James Whale. video
31 Dec 1984  Casablanca (US 1942). D: Michael Curtiz. video [3] After the New Year's party.

Monday, December 24, 1984

My Elvis Presley complete records project, Christmas 1984

In 1984 in Stockholm I borrowed from my friend Jouni Suomalainen his complete collection of Elvis Presley LP's, listened to them in chronological order and copied a Christmas selection of favourite tracks on compact cassette tapes.

The conventional wisdom about Elvis was that his 1950s were great, and after the army he went downhill, but Jouni persuaded me to listen carefully to the records of the early 1960s which were his favourites. Indeed, Elvis's voice grew into its full grandeur then, but unfortunately his talent was wasted in too many worthless projects.

The 1968 comeback show was a return to form in all ways. Even his 1950s hits such as "Love Me" and "Trying To Get To You" he now sang with a new, devastating force, made greater through his better command of his voice.

The early 1960s still have a special place in my memories. It was then that Elvis sang his best traditional blues track, "Reconsider Baby", and also his most magnificent spiritual songs. His interpretation of the Swedish hymn "How Great Thou Art" ("O store Gud", 1885, "Oi herrani", lyrics by Carl G. Boberg to a Swedish folk melody) is overwhelmingly better than any other I have heard. Elvis brought the impact of Mahalia Jackson and other great black gospel singers to his version and made other white singers look pale. His voice was rich and subtle, and in his best songs there was a haunting sadness underneath.

Even his most memorable Christmas songs were blues tracks: "Merry Christmas, Baby" (1971) and "Blue Christmas" (the 1968 comeback interpretation was the best).

Merry Christmas, Baby (The Wonderful World of Christmas, 1971) 5'47"
Blue Christmas (live) 2'54"
One Night (live) 2'42"
Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (live) 1'50"
Baby, What You Want Me To Do (live) 1'45" (Elvis TV Special, 1968)
"I was lucky" (interview 1958) 38"
Love Me (live 1968) 2'33"
Trying To Get To You (live 1968) 2'55" (A Legendary Performer [I], 1973)
Tiger Man (live 1968) 2'39" (Elvis Sings Flaming Star, etc., 1968)
Peace In The Valley 3'15" (Elvis' Christmas Album, 1957)
The Girl Of My Best Friend, 2'22"
Girl Next Door Went A-Walkin' 2'13"
Reconsider Baby (Elvis Is Back, 1960)
In My Father's House 2'03"
Milky White Way 2'12"
If We Never Meet Again (This Side Of River) 1'56" (His Hand In Mine, 1960)
Suspicion 2'36"
Kiss Me Quick 2'57" (Pot Luck, 1962)

I Gotta Know 2'17"
Surrender 1'52"
Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3'04"
His Latest Flame 2'08"
Little Sister 2'30" (Elvis' Golden Records, Vol 3, 1963)
How Great Thou Art 2'59"
Crying In The Chapel 2'23" (How Great Thou Art, 1967)
Shake, Rattle and Roll with introduction 2'36" +
I Got A Woman (Third Dorsey Show 11.2.1956 live) sum 5'32"
Baby, Let's Play House (Fourth Dorsey Show 18.2.1956 live) 2'12"
Blue Suede Shoes (Fifth Dorsey Show 17.3.1956 live) 2'19"
Money Honey (Sixth Dorsey Show 24.3.1956 live) 2'27"
Don't Be Cruel 2'11"
Ready Teddy (First Sullivan Show 9.9.1956 live) 1'57"
Love Me 3'15" +
Hound Dog "we are going to sing a sad song" (Second Sullivan Show 28.10.1956 live) sum 5'55"
Peace In The Valley (Third Sullivan Show 6.1.1957 live)
Return To Sender (Girls! Girls! Girls! 1962) 2'06"

Devil In Disguise 2'19" (Elvis Gold Records Vol 4, 1968)
Flaming Star 2'27" (Elvis Sings Flaming Star, etc., 1968)
In The Ghetto 2'46"
Any Day Now 2'58" (From Elvis In Memphis, 1969)
Blue Suede Shoes
I'm Counting On You
I Got A Woman
One-Sided Love Affair
I Love You Because
Just Because (Elvis Presley, 1956)

The selection was also based on the fact that I already had collections of Sun Records.

In 2022 at the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä I heard from Vesa Suomalainen that his brother had recently died in Uppsala, Sweden, but not from Covid. I will never forget the friendly gentleman Jouni Suomalainen. He had a distinguished side career as a street photographer all his life.

Jouni Suomalainen: " Jag blev intresserad av ’ street foto ’ när jag var ungefär 14. Min kusin som var 10 år äldre presenterade mig kameror, deras funktioner och syfte. Efter detta presenterade han gatufotografins stora namn, deras bilder gjorde ett stort intryck på mig. Han var perfektionist och duktig fotograf själv, han visade hur man håller kameran, trycker avlösaren och fotar, han tog många bilder på mig och våran familj. Han var så duktig, det väckte i mig tanken om jag kunde göra något likadant. Jouni " 24 April 2021

Jouni Suomalainen: " Street foto intresset har jag haft från när jag var 14. Köpte första riktig kamera när jag var 25. Gick en fotoskola i Stockholm 83-85. Jag är gatuvandrare fotar gatuliv, gillar det mest. " 11 September 2021

Friday, November 30, 1984


Mark Robson: The Seventh Victim (US 1943) starring Kim Hunter, produced by Val Lewton for RKO. An unforgettable study of urban solitude and desolation, a predecessor of Hitchcock and Polanski. No Val Lewton horror films for RKO had been theatrically released in Finland or telecast. Only Jacques Tourneur's three RKO horror films had been screened at the Finnish Film Archive (SEA) on 16 mm. It was a revelation to see the complete Val Lewton horror set on video. At the end of the decade, Anne Jokelainen, a SEA regular, booked the first telecasts at Kolmoskanava (Channel 3).

I runne to death and death meets me as fast
And all my pleasures are like yesterday

- John Donne: Holy Sonnets I (1631). The motto of The Seventh Victim.

1 Nov 1984 I receive from Asko Alanen a video package that I view during the month for our Musta peili project:
1 Nov 1984  The Seventh Victim / Seitsemäs uhri (US 1943). P: Val Lewton / RKO. D: Mark Robson. video
2+18 Nov 1984  Isle of the Dead / Kuolleiden saari (US 1945). P: Val Lewton / RKO. D: Mark Robson. video
3 Nov 1984  Murders in the Rue Morgue (US 1931). D: Robert Florey. video
3 Nov 1984  Phantom of the Opera / Suuren oopperan kummitus (US 1925). D: Rupert Julian. Lon Chaney. video
4 Nov 1984  Witchfinder General (GB 1968). D: Michael Reeves. Vincent Price. video
4 Nov 1984  The Big Sky / Korkean taivaan alla (US 1952). D: Howard Hawks. Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Treatt. video
4 Nov 1984  House of Wax / Vahakabinetti (US 1953). D: André De Toth. Vincent Price. video
2 Nov 1984  Paris nous appartient / Pariisi kuuluu meille (FR 1958). D: Jacques Rivette. Arsenal
4 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
7 Nov 1984  The Man of the West / Mies lännestä (US 1958). D: Anthony Mann
9 Nov 1984  Berlin Alexanderplatz (DE 1931). D: Piel Jutzi. Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo.
11 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
11 Nov 1984  Helmut Arlt: a big NBC show taped in Spain
11 Nov 1984  Hellzapoppin' / Hullunmyllyssä (US 1941). D: H. C. Potter. Olsen & Johnson.  [2] usw. Helmut Arlt
15 Nov 1984  Cyankali (DE 1930) D: Hans Tintner. b.o. play by Friedrich Wolf. Grete Mosheim. taped
18 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
18 Nov 1984  All Quiet on the Western Front / Im Westen nichts Neues, Deutsche Fassung (US 1930). D: Lewis Milestone, taped
19 Nov 1984  Cluny Brown / Piika, joka ei tiennyt paikkaansa. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv, AFN
20 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
21 Nov 1984  America America (US 1963). D: Elia Kazan, taped
21 Nov 1984  Escape to Victory / Pako voittoon (US 1981. D: John Huston
23 Nov 1984  Faust (DE 1926). D: F. W. Murnau, taped
23 Nov 1984  Monte Carlo (US 1930). D: Ernst Lubitsch
24 Nov 1984  The Terror (US 1962). D: Roger Corman. video
24 Nov 1984  The Last Wagon / Erämaan laki (US 1956). D: Delmer Daves. Richard Widmark, Felicia Farr.
25 Nov 1984  taped: Country Joe McDonald, Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Musikladen 1976
27 Nov 1984  Zlatye gory / Golden Mountains (SU 1931). D: Sergei Yutkevich. taped
27 Nov 1984  Le Jetée (FR 1962. D: Chris Marker. Arsenal
27 Nov 1984  Si j'avais quatre dromedaires (FR 1966). D: Chris Marker. Arsenal
27 Nov 1984  Junkopia (FR 1981). D: Chris Marker, John Chapman, Frank Simeone. Arsenal
28 Nov 1984  X: the Man with the X-Ray Eyes (US 1963) D: Roger Corman. DF video
28 Nov 1984  The Curse of the Werewolf (GB 1961). D: Terence Fisher. video
28 Nov 1984  Geheimnisse einer Seele / Ihmissielun salaisuudet (DE 1926). D: G. W. Pabst. taped
29 Nov 1984  The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (GB 1960). D: Terence Fisher. video

Wednesday, October 31, 1984

October 1984 Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, West Berlin

Erle C. Kenton: You're Telling Me (US 1934) starring W. C. Fields and Joan Marsh.

1 Oct 1984  Jackson Browne: Lawyers In Love (US 1983).
2 Oct 1984  13.30  TV: The Living Planet 10: Worlds Apart / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). S1.E10. PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough
2 Oct 1984  19.30  Star Wars (US 1977). D: George Lucas.
3 Oct 1984  The Devil Is a Woman (US 1935). D: Josef von Sternberg. Marlene Dietrich. Fkl/Fh. 16 mm. [2]
5 Oct 1984  11.00  TV: The Living Planet 11: The Open Ocean / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). S1.E11. PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough


11 Oct 1984  Ceiling Zero / Kuolemanlentäjät (US 1936). D: Howard Hawks. video
13 Oct 1984  Peter Ibbetson / Ikuinen liekki (US 1935). D: Henry Hathaway. video
13 Oct 1984  TV: Maraton-Rock. Joe Cocker, The Pretenders
14 Oct 1984  You're Telling Me / Sinäpä sen sanoit (US 1934). D: Erle C. Kenton. W. C. Fields. video
14 Oct 1984  TV: Videotoppen. – Residents: It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World. – Honeymoon Suite: New Girl Now. – K-Ram: Ménage à trois. – Queen: I Want To Break Free. – Depeche Mode: Master and Servant. – Prince: When Doves Cry. – Spandau Ballet: I'll Fly For You. – Howard Jones: Like To Get To Know You Well. – Limahl: Never Ending Story (Unendliche Geschichte).
16 Oct 1984  Olavi Virta (FI 1972). D: Peter von Bagh. video. H&E
16 Oct 1984  The Devil Is a Woman (US 1935). video. [3] H&E
17 Oct 1984  Twentieth Century / Primadonna (US 1934). D: Howard Hawks. Carole Lombard & John Barrymore. video. [2]
17 Oct 1984  A Song Is Born / Professori (US 1948). D: Howard Hawks. Danny Kaye & Virginia Mayo. video. Joy of music, excellent musicians.
17 Oct 1984  A letter of application.

COPENHAGEN  19–20 Oct 1984
20 Oct 1984  Streets of Fire (US 1984). D: Walter Hill

28 Oct 1984  The Lady Eve, video, [2]
30 Oct 1984  Ride Lonesome

Sunday, September 30, 1984


Josef von Sternberg: Dishonored (US 1931) with Marlene Dietrich as a spy character inspired by Mata Hari. At the Josef von Sternberg retrospective in 1984 at Filmklubben / Filmhuset / Svenska Filminstitutet, many prints were on 16 mm since Paramount Pictures burned all their nitrate negatives and prints and copied the most interesting films on 16 mm only.

1 Sep 1984  Duel / Kauhun kilometrit (tvm, US 1971). D: Steven Spielberg. SC: Richard Matheson. HU Huddinge. Mighty good.
1 Sep 1984  The Lady Eve (US 1941). D: Preston Sturges. Barbara Stanwyck. HU Huddinge. Brilliant
2 Sep 1984  Next Stop, Greenwich Village (US 1976). D: Paul Mazursky. tv. Disappointed.
3 Sep 1984  Bodas de sangre (ES 1981). D: Carlos Saura. &H&E. Excellent.
5 Sep 1984  TV: The Living Planet 6: The Baking Deserts / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough
6 Sep 1984  The Glass Key (US 1942). D: Stuart Heisler. Fkl/Fh. 16 mm, 5 min missing. HU
8 Sep 1984  Charade (US 1963). D: Stanley Donen. Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn. tv
8 Sep 1984  Martin (US 1976). D: George A. Romero. video
11 Sep 1984  TV: The Living Planet 4: Jungle / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough. Flying snakes.
12 Sep 1984  TV: The Living Planet 8: Sweet Fresh Water / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough. Angel Falls, Amazona delta, piranhas, Baikal.
13 Sep 1984  20.55  Ponty
14 Sep 1984  TV: The Living Planet 5: Seas of Grass / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough
14 Sep 1984  TV: The Human Brain 4: Moving (GB 1982). PC: BBC. Dick Gilling & Robin Brightwell.
16 Sep 1984 19.00  En kväll med Ingmar Bergman
16 Sep 1984  In the Heat of the Night / Yön kuumuudessa (US 1967). D: Norman Jewison. tv. [2] the beginning. A female colleague asked me what this movie is about and was disappointed to learn that it is not a romantic story.
17 Sep 1984  Olli Alho calls and recommends a job offer.
18 Sep 1984  The Adventures of Robin Hood (US 1938). D: Michael Curtiz & William Keighley. tv. [2]
19 Sep 1984  TV: Dirty Movie (4, Ch-84)
22 Sep 1984  A Touch of Evil (US 1958). D: Orson Welles. tv. [2]
24 Sep 1984  TV: KAL 007 - på spionuppdrag. GB tv doc.
24 Sep 1984  TV: Filmkrönikan. Splash, Vivement dimanche, A Russian in New York, Mazursky interview, Le beau mariage, Rohmer interview, Le Bal, Under the Volcano, Huston interview, Purple Rain
25 Sep 1984  Dishonored (US 1931). D: Josef von Sternberg. Marlene Dietrich. Fkl/Fh. 16 mm
26 Sep 1984  TV: The Living Planet 12: New Worlds (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough
27 Sep 1984  You're Telling Me! / Sinäpä sen sanoit (US 1934) D: Erle C. Kenton. W. C. Fields
28 Sep 1984  Tony-galan
28 Sep 1984  The Human Brain 5: Seeing (GB 1982). PC: BBC. Dick Gilling & Robin Brightwell.
28 Sep 1984  The Living Planet 9: The Margins of the Land S1.E9. / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough

Friday, August 31, 1984


TV series: The Living Planet (GB 1984). BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough.

TV series: A Married Man (GB 1983). London Weekend Television. D: John Strickland. Starring Anthony Hopkins.

TV series: The Human Brain (GB 1982). BBC. Dick Gilling & Robin Brightwell.

4 Aug 1984  Good Night, Nurse (US 1918)  Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton. video
4 Aug 1984  The Butcher Boy (US 1917)  Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton. video
4 Aug 1984  Die Puppe (DE 1919)  D: Ernst Lubitsch. video
4 Aug 1984  The Last Command (US 1928)  D: Josef von Sternberg, video
11 Aug 1984  Formel Eins, Mai 1984
11 Aug 1984  Top Hat (US 1935)  D: Mark Sandrich. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, video
11 Aug 1984  A Dog's Life (US 1918)  D: Charles Chaplin, video
15 Aug 1984  Vertigo (US 1958)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. Sollentuna Bio [4] first time on 35 mm, but the impact was not better than on Peter Vollmann's 16 mm
16 Aug 1984  North by Northwest (US 1959)  D: Alfred Hitchcock [4]
16 Aug 1984  Love Me Or Leave Me / Laulu ilman rakkautta (US 1955)  D: Charles Vidor. Doris Day, video
18 Aug 1984  The Far Country (US 1954)  D: Anthony Mann. video [2]
20 Aug 1984  A Countess from Hong Kong (GB 1967)  D: Charles Chaplin. Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando. video [2]
22 Aug 1984  TV: A Married Man / En mördande karriär, episode (GB 1983). LWT. D: John Strickland. Anthony Hopkins
23 Aug 1984  The Little Shop of Horrors (US 1960)  D: Roger Corman. Fkl/Fh, sold out.
24 Aug 1984  TV: The Human Brain 1 (GB 1982). PC: BBC. Dick Gilling & Robin Brightwell. Terry-Thomas as the face of Parkinson's Disease.
25 Aug 1984  Mutiny on the Bounty (US 1935)  D: Frank Lloyd. video
25 Aug 1984  The Desert Rats / Erämaan rotat (US 1953)  D: Robert Wise
25 Aug 1984  Stardust (GB 1974)  D: Michael Apted. David Essex, Adam Faith
28 Aug 1984  TV: The Living Planet 3: Northern Forests / Elävä planeetta (GB 1984). PC: BBC. Written and presented by David Attenborough
28 Aug 1984  TV: Hill Street Blues: [A Long Day] / S2.E5: Fruits of the Poisonous Tree (US 1981). D: Rod Holcomb
29 Aug 1984  TV: A Married Man / En mördande karriär, episode 3: Dubbelmord (GB 1983). LWT. D: John Strickland. Anthony Hopkins
30 Aug 1984  The Cameraman (US 1928). Buster Keaton & Edward Sedgwick. tv [2]
31 Aug 1984  TV: The Human Brain 2: Memory (GB 1982). PC: BBC. Dick Gilling & Robin Brightwell.

Tuesday, July 31, 1984


Charles Brabin: The Mask of Fu Manchu (US 1932) starring Boris Karloff (Fu Manchu) and Myrna Loy (Fah Lo See).

1 July 1984  The Black Cat (US 1934)  D: Edgar Ulmer
1 July 1984  The Mask of Dr. Fu Manchu (US 1932)  D: Charles Brabin
1 July 1984  Brainstorm (US 1982)  D: Douglas Trumbull
2 July 1984  Kenneth Anger program at Arsenal, introduced by Karsten Witte. SC
2 July 1984  Fireworks (US 1947)  D: Kenneth Anger. Arsenal
2 July 1984  Eaux d'artifice (US 1953)  D: Kenneth Anger. Arsenal
2 July 1984  Scorpio Rising (US 1963)  D: Kenneth Anger. Arsenal
4 July 1984  18.30  Black Friday (US 1940)  D: Arthur Lubin
4 July 1984  1950er Wochenschauen. Helmut Arlt
5 July 1984  Vertigo (US 1958)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [2]
5 July 1984  Berlin im Jahre Null / [? Schlacht um Berlin: Stunde Null (DE 1973)  D: Franz Baake & Jost von Morr] laserdisc, Helmut Arlt
6 July 1984  18.30  Bedlam (US 1946)  D: Mark Robson
7 July 1984  20.00 Numéro deux (FR 1975) D: Jean-Luc Godard.
10 July 1984  Vertigo (US 1958)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [3]
10 July 1984  Marnie (US 1964)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [3]
10 July 1984  North by Northwest (US 1959)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video
11 July 1984  Psycho (US 1960)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [3]
11 July 1984  The Birds (US 1963)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [3]
11 July 1984  To Catch a Thief (US 1955)  D: Alfred Hitchcock. video [3]
11 July 1984  23.00 The Sorcerers (GB 1967) D: Michael Reeves.
12 July 1984  18.30 Bluebeard / Siniparta (US 1944) D: Edgar G. Ulmer.
12 July 1984  18.30 Detour / Kiertotie [Yle Teema 2010] D: Edgar G. Ulmer. Double bill.
14 July 1984  20.00 Une chambre en ville / Huone kaupungissa (FR 1982). D: Jacques Demy.
17 July 1984  I send my first essay on Alfred Hitchcock, "A Descent Into the Maelström", to Filmihullu magazine.
22 July 1984  Helmut Arlt show: sampling:
- The Last Command
- Hello, Dolly!
- Pippin
- The Sound of Music
22 July 1984  Achtung! Feind hört mit / Varokaa! Vihollinen kuuntelee (DE 1940)  D: Arthur Maria Rabenalt. Helmut Artl, 35 mm, home cinema [nitrate?]
24 July 1984  Nju (DE 1924)  D: Paul Czinner. Arsenal, Mexican print from the GDR archive
25 July 1984  Varieté (DE 1925)  D: E. A. Dupont. Arsenal, Enno Patalas print from Munich from Russian and English language sources
26 July 1984  Formel Eins videos
26 July 1984  Der Student von Prag (DE 1935)  D: Arthur Robison. video
26 July 1984  Good Night, Nurse (US 1918)  Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton. video
26 July 1984  The Butcher Boy (US 1917)  Fatty Arbuckle & Buster Keaton. video

29 July 1984  Let's Make Love (US 1960)  D: George Cukor. Marilyn Monroe. video
29 July 1984  Die Puppe (DE 1919)  D: Ernst Lubitsch. video
29 July 1984  A Dog's Life (US 1918)  D: Charles Chaplin. video
29 July 1984  Sunset Boulevard (US 1950  D: Billy Wilder. video

Saturday, June 30, 1984


Shinkichi Tajiri & Baird Bryant: The Vipers (US 1955). "Several Japanese Americans established themselves in France during this period. The aforementioned Shinkichi Tajiri, although more known for his work in the Netherlands, originally began his artistic career in Paris in 1948 studying on the GI Bill, and became a protégée of French painter Ferdinand Léger and sculptor Ossip Zadkine. In 1955, Tajiri produced a short film titled The Vipers with Baird Bryant. The experimental film depicted Shinkichi, his wife Ferdi, and Baird and his girlfriend together smoking marijuana - a humorous response to Reefer Madness. According to his autobiography, Autobiographical Notations, Tajiri started the project after a Japanese Hawaiian sculptor loaned him a Kodak 16mm camera and told him to make a film. He decided to create a film that displayed the ritual of rolling a joint interspersed with images of getting high. The film was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival that year and received the Golden Lion Award for “Best Use of Film Language.”" From: Jonathan von Harmelen: "Les Japonais Américains: Recent Discussions of Japanese American History in France" on the Discover Nikkei website, 10 Dec 2021.

Frank Wysbar: Anna und Elisabeth (DE 1933) starring Dorothea Wieck and Hertha Thiele, their chemistry undiminished after the revelation of Mädchen in Uniform. The opening of Arsenal's Berlin Eldorado retrospective, the first gay & lesbian retrospective I attended.

1 June 1984  Anna und Elisabeth (DE 1933)  D: Frank Wysbar. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado
2 June 1984  Mädchen in Uniform (DE 1931)  D: Leontine Sagan. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado, the cinema frequented by hugging Lesbians
2 June 1984  Mädchen in Uniform (DE 1957)  D: Geza von Radvanyi: Berlin Eldorado. Arsenal, video projection
7 June 1984  Peter von Bagh calls me with a job proposal.
7 June 1984  Michael (DE 1924)  D: Carl Th. Dreyer. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado
10 June 1984  Helmut Arlt session
- The Gang's All Here (clips)
- Dangerous When Wet (clips)
10 June 1984  Teufel in Seide (DE 1955)  D: Rolf Hansen, mit Lilli Palmer, Curd Jürgens. Helmut Arlt 35 mm home cinema
11 June 1984  The Vipers (US 1955)  D: Shinkichi Tajiri & Baird Bryant. Helmut Arlt
11 June 1984  Alfie (GB 1966)  D: Lewis Gilbert. Helmut Arlt 35 mm
17 June 1984  Wege zu Kraft und Schönheit (DE 1925)  D: Wilhelm Prager. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado, sold out, high spirits
18 June 1984  Ich möchte kein Mann sein (DE 1918)  D: Ernst Lubitsch. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado, high spirits - double bill with:
18 June 1984  Anders als die Anderen (DE 1919)  D: Richard Oswald. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado, Ukrainian print, ca 40 min, good quality. - S.C.
20 June 1984  Kämpfer (SU 1936)  D: Gustav von Wangenheim. Arsenal. DF DEFA
20 June 1984  Susaña (MX 1952)  D: Luis Buñuel. Arsenal. DF, high spirits
24 June 1984  Querelle (FR 1982)  D: Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado
28 June 1984  Festival des Fantastischen Films: Trailer-Show
28 June 1984  The Brood (CA 1979)  D: David Cronenberg. Festival des Fantastischen Films.
30 June 1984  Ludwig (IT 1972)  D: Luchino Visconti. DF. 3 h version. Arsenal: Berlin Eldorado, sold out, the final screening of the retrospective.

Thursday, May 31, 1984


Charles Avery: The Knockout (US 1914), PC: Keystone. A Fatty Arbuckle comedy with Charles Chaplin in a supporting role as the referee who gets all the blows.

May 1984 West Berlin: see also: Samuel Fuller retrospective.

2 May 1984  Two Girls and a Sailor / Kolme sydäntä epätahdissa (US 1944) D: Richard Thorpe. Helmut Arlt
19 May 1984  CHARLES CHAPLIN, SHORT COMEDIES. Arsenal. Weak prints from Blackhawk.
19 May 1984  The Knockout (US 1914) Keystone, D: Charles Avery, A Fatty Arbuckle comedy with Charles Chaplin as referee
19 May 1984  His New Profession (US 1915) Keystone, D: Charles Chaplin
19 May 1984  The Champion (US 1915) Essanay, D: Charles Chaplin
19 May 1984  The Pawnshop (US 1916) Mutual, D: Charles Chaplin
23 May 1984  Video evening at Helmut Arlt, sampling Down Argentine Way, The Pin-Up Girl, taping The Ghost Goes West.
23 May 1984  Supervixen (US 1970)  D: Russ Meyer. Helmut Arlt

Wednesday, May 30, 1984

Samuel Fuller retrospective (Arsenal, West Berlin, 1984)

Samuel Fuller: I Shot Jesse James (US 1949) with Reed Hadley (Jesse James) and John Ireland (Bob Ford).

8.5.1984  I Shot Jesse James (US 1949) 16 mm
8.5.1984  The Baron of Arizona (US 1950) good print
9.5.1984  The Steel Helmet (US 1950) very worn 16 mm
11.5.1984  Fixed Bayonets! (US 1951) 16 mm, beautiful image
10.5.1984  Park Row (US 1952)  bad 16 mm
10.5.1984  Pickup on South Street (US 1953) 16 mm with bad joins
11.5.1984  Hell and High Water (US 1953) 35 mm with faded colour from Switzerland
12.5.1984  House of Bamboo (US 1955) Swiss partly mutilated print
13.5.1984  Run of the Arrow (US 1957) print with jump cuts
25.5.1984  China Gate (US 1957) OK Swiss print
24.5.1984  Forty Guns (US 1957) OK Deutsche Fassung
15.5. 1984  Verboten! (US 1959)  OK 16 mm
26.5.1984  The Crimson Kimono (US 1959) fine NFA print
16.5.1984  Underworld U.S.A. (US 1960) fine NFA print with some joins
16.5.1984  Merrill's Marauders (US 1962) OK Deutsche Fassung
17.5.1984  Shock Corridor (US 1963) OK print with French subtitles, some joins
17.5.1984  The Naked Kiss (US 1964) OK print with bluish toning
18.5.1984  Shark! / Un arma de los filos (US/MX 1969) OK Deutsche Fassung: Outsider: Haie am Höllenriff
19.5.1984  Tatort: Tote Taube in der Beethovenstrasse (DE 1972) OK
30.5.1984  The Big Red One (US 1980) original release version, Deutsche Fassung: 4 min cut (109 min)
19.5.1984  White Dog (US 1981) fine print

Monday, April 30, 1984


Boris Barnet: Dom na Trubnoi (SU 1928) I saw for the first time in the Boris Barnet retrospective of Filmklubben at Filmhuset in Stockholm.

2 April 1984  All About Eve (US 1951)  Joseph L. Mankiewicz. video [2]
3 April 1984  TV: Det levande livet. African face paintings
4 April 1984  Miss Mend (SU 1926)  Fedor Ozep & Boris Barnet. I view Part I and the beginning of Part II of the 5 hour opus. Fkl/Fh
6 April 1984  Devoshka s korobkoi (SU 1927)  Boris Barnet. Fkl/Fh
6 April 1984  cartoons, taped from tv
7-8 April 1984  [Ingmar Bergman – intervju på Filmskolan 2 Dec 1983]. video. [2]
9 April 1984  Efter repetitionen (SE 1984)  Ingmar Bergman. tv
11 April 1984  Dom na Trubnoi (SU 1928)  Boris Barnet. Fkl/Fh
12 April 1984  tv: Academy Awards gala. videotaped from tv
13 April 1984  Magoo's Masterpiece. videotaped from tv
13 April 1984  Tom & Jerry: Little Orphan. videotaped from tv
13 April 1984  Tom & Jerry: Cat Fishin'. videotaped from tv
14 April 1984  Lyodolom (SU 1931). Boris Barnet. Fkl/Fh
14 April 1984  The Gay Divorceee (US 1934). Mark Sandrich. Fkl/Fh
15 April 1984  La Tragédie de Carmen (FR 1983). Peter Brook. videotaped from tv
16 April 1984  Coma (US 1978). Michael Crichton. Video, Arkivet för ljud och bild
16 April 1984  The Invasion of Carol Enders (US 1973). Burt Brinckerhoff. Dan Curtis Prod. Video, Arkivet för ljud och bild
17 April 1984 19.00  The Blue Dahlia / Sinisen dahlian mysteeri (US 1946). George Marshall.
20 April 1984  Swamp Water (US 1941). Jean Renoir. video

26 April 1984  La Nuit du carrefour (FR 1932)  Jean Renoir. Video
27 April 1984  Barbary Coast (US 1935)  Howard Hawks. Video
28 April 1984  The Trip (US 1967)  Roger Corman. Hollywood: Club Clausewitz

Saturday, March 31, 1984


Akira Kurosawa: Hakuchi / The Idiot (JP 1951). The portrait of Taeko Nasu [Nastassja Filippovna] (Setsuko Hara) in the window viewed by Denkichi Akama [Rogozhin] (Toshiro Mifune) and Kinji Kameda [Prince Myshkin, the Idiot] (Masayuki Mori). Viewed in the Dostoevsky retrospective at the Filmklubben at Filmhuset (Svenska Filminstitutet).

7 March 1984  Cocorico Monsieur Poulet (FR 1974)  D: Jean Rouch. SFI Filmklubben / Filmhuset
8 March 1984  Charles et Lucie (FR 1979)  D: Nelly Kaplan. tv
9 March 1984  TV: Nöjesmaskinen
10 March 1984  Desire (US 1935)  D: Frank Borzage. Marlene Dietrich. video [3]
10 March 1984  Go West, Young Man (US 1936)  D: Henry Hathaway. Mae West. video
11 March 1984  Aurinkotuuli / Solvind / Sun Wind (FI 1980)  D: Timo Linnasalo. tv
11 March 1984  SF-Journalen, vecka 10, SE 1944. tv
11 March 1984  Det brinner en eld / There Burns a Fire / Palava liekki (SE 1943)  D: Gustaf Molander. tv
15 March 1984  "Ingmar Bergman tar farväl av filmen" (SE 1983). Nils-Petter Sundgren. SE 1983. video
15 March 1984  "Intervju med Ingmar Bergman: Alf Sjöberg och Hustruskolan" (SE 1983). video
16 March 1984  Kedd / Tisdag (HU 1963)  D: Márk Novák. Fkl / Fh
16 March 1984  The 5:48 (US 1979)  D: James Ivory. Based on a story by John Cheever. Tv episode from the mini series 3 by Cheever. Fkl / Fh
16 March 1984  Young Frankenstein / Frankenstein Junior (US 1974)  D: Mel Brooks. Fkl / Fh
17 March 1984  Someone's Watching Me! / Vainoavat silmät (US 1979)  D: John Carpenter. tvm. video
17 March 1984  Charlotte et son Jules (FR 1958)  D: Jean-Luc Godard. video
17 March 1984  [Ingmar Bergman – intervju på Filmskolan 2 Dec 1983]. video. Unforgettable.
18 March 1984  Masculin féminin (FR 1966)  D: Jean-Luc Godard. video
19 March 1984  TV: Måndagsbörsen
23 March 1984  Merrie Melodies: A Corny Concerto (US 1943)  taped from tv
23 March 1984  Mr. Magoo – the Dog Snatcher (US 1952)  taped from tv
23 March 1984  Tom & Jerry: Mouse For Sale (US 1955)  taped from tv
24 March 1984  Gold-Diggers of 1933 (US 1933)  D: Mervyn LeRoy. video
24 March 1984  Broadway Melody of 1940 (US 1940)  D: Norman Taurog. video
27 March 1984  Le notti bianche / White Nights / Vita nätter / Valkeat yöt (IT 1957)  D: Luchino Visconti. Fkl/Fh
30 March 1984  Hakuchi / The Idiot / Idioten / Idiootti (JP 1951)  D: Akira Kurosawa. Fkl/Fh
31 March 1984  Chronique d'un été / Chronicle of a Summer / Den sommaren / Ranskalainen päiväkirja (FR 1960)  D: Jean Rouch & Edgar Morin. Fkl / Fh
31 March 1984  The Haunting / Yö kauhujen talossa (US 1963)  D: Robert Wise. tv

Wednesday, February 29, 1984


Napoléon vu par Abel Gance (FR 1927) interpreté par Albert Dieudonné. Bonaparte en Corse (Je l'emporte, il est trop grande pour vous!... ).

Josef von Sternberg: The Shanghai Gesture (US 1941) starring Gene Tierney (Poppy) and Victor Mature as Dr. Omar, "Doctor of nothing".

3 Feb 1984  House of Usher / Vieraana kauhujen talossa (US 1960) DF.  D: Roger Corman. tv
4 Feb 1984  Nostalghia (IT/SU 1983)  D: Andrei Tarkovsky. [2]
5 Feb 1984  Napoléon vu par Abel Gance (FR 1926)  D: Abel Gance. 16 mm. 4 h 45 min. Arsenal. At the piano Arsenal's trusted pianist veteran from the silent era. Saint-Just (Abel Gance): "Is not the Revolution a great beacon lit upon tombs? Scatter our limbs to the 4 winds. Republics will rise up from them. I despise the dust of which I am made and which speaks to you. I GIVE IT TO YOU!"
5 Feb 1984  TV: Formel Eins ARD-Hitparade. – Peter Baumann: Strangers in the Night *. – Tracey Ullman: Bobby's Girl. – Lionel Ritchie: Runnin' With The Night. – The Twins: Ballet Dancer. – Edgar Winter: Frankenstein 1984. – Pop nach acht: Zuppa alla Romana. – Laid Back: High Society Girl. – Trio: Turaluraluralu. – Nena: Fragezeichen. – Gazebo: Lunatic. – Paul Young: Love Of The Common People. – Slade: My Oh My. – The Catch: 25 Years. – Flying Pickets: Only You. – Masquerade: Guardian Angel. – Nino de Angelo: Jenseits von Edel. – Righeira: No tengo rivero *. – Herbie Hancock: Autodrive *. – Fun Fun: Happy Station. – Barry Manilow: Read 'Em and Weep. – John Cougar Mellencamp: Crumblin' Down * – Re-Flex: The Politics Of Dancing *.
11 Feb 1984  The Shanghai Gesture / Uhkapeliä Shanghaissa (US 1941)  D: Josef von Sternberg. Arsenal
14 Feb 1984  Things to Come / Tulevia aikoja (GB 1936)  D: William Cameron Menzies. video

17 Feb 1984  A Dog's Life / Koiranelämää (US 1918)  D: Charles Chaplin. video [2]
18 Feb 1984  TV: Video Beat
20 Feb 1984  TV: Måndagsbörsen
25 Feb 1984  Desire (US 1935). D: Frank Borzage. Marlene Dietrich. video [2]
25 Feb 1984  Marilyn – in Search of the Dream (1983) video
28 Feb 1984  Thérèse Desqueyroux / Thérèse, myrkyttäjätär (FR 1962)  D: Georges Franju. Fkl/Fh

Tuesday, January 31, 1984


Andrei Tarkovsky: Nostalghia (IT/SU 1983) starring Oleg Yankovsky.

4 Jan 1984  Shin heike monogatari / Tarina Tairan suvusta (JP 1955) D: Kenji Mizoguchi. video
6 Jan 1984  The Prowler (US 1951) D: Joseph Losey. video [2]
6 Jan 1984  Belle of the Nineties (US 1934)  D: Leo McCarey. Mae West. video [2]

10 Jan 1984  TV: Bananas. - Laid Back: High Society Girl. - Tina Turner: Let's Stay Together. - David Knopfler: Soul Kissing. - Marie Deutschland: Frau Trude. - The Rock Steady Crew: Hey You (The Rock Steady Crew) * fantastic choreography. - Yello: Lost Again * - Kiss: All Hell's Breaking Loose. - Yes: Owner Of A Lonely Heart. - Trio: Turaluraluralu. - Kim Carnes: You Make My Heart Beat Faster. - Paul Young: Love Of The Common People.
17 Jan 1984  Pauline à la plage (FR 1983). D: Éric Rohmer.
17 Jan 1984  How to Marry a Millionaire / Kuinka miljonääri naidaan (US 1953). D: Jean Negulesco. Marilyn Monroe. 16 mm CinemaScope. [2]
22 Jan 1984  Desire (US 1935). D: Frank Borzage. Marlene Dietrich. video
26 Jan 1984  TV: Musikladen. - Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax. - Lynsey de Paul: Sugar Me. - Los Pop Tops: Susanne.
27 Jan 1984  Nostalghia (IT/SU 1983) D: Andrei Tarkovsky. Filmkunst 66. Tarkovsky and Bergman were the greatest contemporary film-makers for me. Nostalghia was the first film where I felt "Tarkovsky was doing Tarkovsky", same as Höstsonaten with Bergman. The connection: exile hurt both irrevocably.
29 Jan 1984  Too Hot to Handle / Suoraan tuleen (US 1938)  D: Jack Conway. Clark Gable & Myrna Loy. video
30 Jan 1984  Tarantula (US 1955) DF. D: Jack Arnold. tv
30 Jan 1984  TV: Jack Arnold erzählt: Tarantula. ca. 15 Min. D
31 Jan 1984  TV: Atelierbesuch: Wolf Vostell

Sunday, January 01, 1984


Two Rode Together (John Ford)

¡Que Viva Mexico! (Sergei Eisenstein)
Nran guyne (Sergei Parajanov)
Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Kenneth Anger)
Das blaue Licht (Leni Riefenstahl)
SVD (Kozintsev & Trauberg)
A Woman of Paris (Charles Chaplin)
The Shanghai Express (Josef von Sternberg)

Muriel (Alain Resnais)
Giulietta degli spiriti (Federico Fellini)
Providence (Alain Resnais)
Masculin-féminin (Jean-Luc Godard)
Rudolf Thome

Native Land (Hurwitz & Strand)
The Seventh Cross (Fred Zinnemann)

Charles Chaplin (A Day's Pleasure, Pay Day, The Pilgrim, Shoulder Arms, The Unknown Chaplin 1-3)
W.C. Fields: shorts, The Bank Dick, Million $ Legs
Harold Lloyd: Feet First, Grandma's Boy, A Sailor-Made Man, Dr. Jack, For Heaven's Sake
Buster Keaton: Seven Chances, Three Ages, Go West, The Cameraman
George Cukor: Pat and Mike
Billy Wilder: Kiss Me, Stupid
Mae West: I'm No Angel, Belle of the Nineties
Jean-Luc Godard: Charlotte et son Jules
Nelly Kaplan: La Fiancée du pirate

Sheree North (The Best Things In Life Are Free)
Anna Magnani (Le Carrosse d'or)
The Love Goddesses
Frances Farmer (Come and Get It)
Haydée Politoff (La Collectionneuse)
Catherine Hessling (Nana)
Janet Leigh (Jet Pilot)
Brigitte Helm (L'Atlantide)
Jennifer Jones (Ruby Gentry)

The Black Room (Roy William Neill)
Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper)
Night of the Demon (Jacques Tourneur)
Kwaidan (Masaki Kobayashi)
The Plague of the Zombies (John Gilling)
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene)
Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (Paul Leni)
Mighty Joe Young (Ernest B. Schoedsack)
The Mystery of the Wax Museum (Michael Curtiz)
The Most Dangerous Game (Ernest B. Schoedsack)
The Old Dark House (James Whale)
Vampyr (Carl Th. Dreyer)

Criss Cross (Robert Siodmak)
The Next of Kin (Thorold Dickinson)
Phantom Lady (Robert Siodmak)
The Prowler (Joseph Losey)
The Wrong Man (Alfred Hitchcock)
Dial M for Murder (Alfred Hitchcock)

Bronenosets Potyomkin (Sergei Eisenstein)
Arsenal (Aleksandr Dovzhenko)
Ladri di biciclette (Vittorio De Sica)
Miracolo a Milano (Vittorio De Sica)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (John Ford)

A Star Is Born (George Cukor)
A Salute to Fred Astaire
Grace Jones: A One Man Show
Jazz On a Summer's Day (Bert Stern)
The Doors Are Open

COSMOS (Carl Sagan)

HOWARD HAWKS (Air Force, Red River)
FRITZ LANG (Hangmen Also Die!, Fury, Siegfried, M, Man Hunt, Moonfleet, The Blue Gardenia)
KENJI MIZOGUCHI (Gion bayashi, Musashino fujin, Uwasa no onna, Gubijinso, Meito Mijomaru)
YASUJIRO OZU (Tokyo monogatari, Akibiyori)
NICHOLAS RAY (Lusty Men, In a Lonely Place)
JEAN RENOIR (Boudu, Le Carrosse d'or, Nana, La petite marchande d'allumettes, The Southerner, Madame Bovary, This Land Is Mine)
ERIC ROHMER (La Boulangère de Monceau, La Carrière de Suzanne, La Collectionneuse, Die Marquise von O.)
JEAN ROUCH (Les Maîtres fous, La Chasse au lion à l'arc, Jaguar, Moi, un noir, La Pyramide humaine)
ARNE SUCKSDORFF (Det stora äventyret, En sommarsaga, Människor i stad, Trut!)
ERIC M. NILSSON (Lourdes, I Tunisien, Europa 1900, Det var en gång)
PETER VON BAGH (Olavi Virta, Suomi pop series)