Tuesday, June 01, 1982


The Rolling Stones - History and Highlights. DE 1978. D: Hannes Rossacher (& Rudi Dolezal?). PC: Atlas Film / Rock Film Club (München). Kant-Kino. The best is in the start: Around And Around, apparently from The TAMI Show. - 1964: Ireland, cinéma-vérité. - A Brian Jones sequence, ending with a clip from The Stones in the Park, with Jagger letting the white butterflies in the air. - Schoolboy Blues (= Cocksucker Blues). - It's Only Rock'n'Roll dressed as sailors. - A groupie sequence. - A psychedelia sequence: In Another Land; 2000 Light Years From Home; Jumpin' Jack Flash [the sequences seemed to be out of order]. - Sympathy For The Devil: a condensation of Godard's film. - Rock and Roll Circus. - Long German concert sequences. - Interviews dubbed with German spoken commentary.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? / Houkuttelevat huulet / Sirene in Blond. US 1957. D: Frank Tashlin. Kant-Kino. Masterpiece.
Son of Paleface / Kalpeanaaman poika. US 1951. D: Frank Tashlin. tv. DF. Masterpiece.
The Band Wagon / Iskelmäkaruselli. US 1953. D: Vincente Minnelli. Thalia. Masterpiece.
Ich will doch nur, dass ihr mich liebt. DE 1976. D: R.W. Fassbinder. tv, the beginning only. The most moving RWF bit I had so far seen.
The Gunfighter. tv. DF [2]
The Great Rock'n'Roll Swindle. GB 1980. D: Julien Temple. The Sex Pistols. Front-Kino. Masterpiece.
The Who: The Kids Are Alright / The Kids Are Alright. GB 1981. D: Jeff Stein. Kurbel. A reminder of the amazing scope of the magnificent numbers of The Who. Sloppily compiled.
Der Reagan-Besuch. DE 1982. Medienoperative. Video. Modest.
Subida al cielo / Der Weg, der zum Himmel führt. MX 1951. D: Luis Buñuel. Arsenal. Fun in B's early Mexican, unpretetious way.
Yojimbo / Onnensoturi. JP 1961. D: Akira Kurosawa. DF. Filmkunst 66. My first impression: virtuoso but empty. A Fistful of Dollars not only copied the story but some of Clint's mannerisms (the mechanical gestures of Mifune) and the inspiration of Morricone's music are probably here.
The Killers / Tappajat. US 1964. D: Don Siegel. DF. Klick. With Zafer Tosun. I did not like S's easy cynicism, but of course it has a virtuoso touch. Reagan as the main killer looks like today. There was a jolt in the audience when he appeared.
Dirty Daughters. DE 1982. D: Dagmar Beiersdorf. Cinema. With Zafer Tosun. A good example of contemporary Berlin cinema.