Friday, July 01, 1983


2.7. TV: Formel Eins. Music videos
6.7. The Student Prince / Ylioppilasprinssi. US 1927. D: Ernst Lubitsch. Video
6.7. The Beast With 5 Fingers. US 1947. D: Robert Florey. Video
7.7. Агония /Agonia / Agony / Rasputin. SU 1981. D: Elem Klimov
8.7. Il mistero di Oberwald. IT/DE 1981. D: Michelangelo Antonioni. Video
11.7. Cosmos 11: The Persistence of Memory / Minnets beständighet. US 1980. Carl Sagan. Video
12.7. . Video [2]
14.7. The Bank Dick / Taaloja ja tuuria. US 1940. W.C. Fields. Video
14.7. Million $ Legs / Miljoonan dollarin sääret. US 1932. W.C. Fields. Video
15.7. The Old-Fashioned Way / Vanhaan malliin. US 1934. W.C. Fields. Video
15.7. Mississippi / Mississippi. US 1935. W.C. Fields, Bing Crosby. Video
15.7. The Rose Tattoo / Tatuoitu ruusu. US 1955. D: Daniel Mann. Anna Magnani. Video
15.7. Eric M. Nilsson (video):
- Passageraren
- Vatten, tro och champagne
16.7. A Star Is Born / Tähti on syntynyt. US 1954. D: George Cukor. Judy Garland. Video
16.7. TV doc from the premiere of A Star Is Born. US 1954. Video
18.7. Pop videos: Video Cassette 1. Wham!: Young Guns. Madness: Our House. One Gun Juggler: Passion. Carl Perkins: Glad All Over. The Tremeloes: Do You Love Me? Tundra: Dubbla budskap. Michael Jackson: Billie Jean. ?: ?. Billy Joel: She's Right On Time. Magic Slim live: Mustang Sally, etc. The Animals: The House Of The Rising Sun (live). Ola & The Janglers: Let's Dance (?). Louise Tucker & Charles Skarbek: Midnight Blue. The Eurythmics: Love Is A Stranger, etc.
20.7. Gunfight at the O.K. Corral / Kuolemanloukku O.K. Corral. US 1957. D: John Sturges. TV
20.7. Zik Zak 1983: The Rolling Stones at Göteborg, 1982: Under My Thumb, Going To A Go Go. You Can't Always. - Music video: Start Me Up. - Let's Spend: 1967 live. - Bill Wyman: a long interview. - Music video: Bill Wyman: A New Fashion. - J. Geils Band, Göteborg live. - Bill Wolf interview. - Music video: J. Geils Band: Freezewave.
22.7. That's Entertainment 2. Video. [3]
23.7. The Naked Maja / Alaston Maja. IT/US/FR 1958. D: Henry Koster. Starring Ava Gardner, fully clothed. Video
23.7. Cosmos 11: The Persistence of Memory. Video. [2]
23.7. Eric M. Nilsson (video):
- Djurgårdsfärjan
- Muséum - jag ville leva, jag ville dö
- Psykosfär
24.7. Eric M. Nilsson (video):
- Lourdes
- XPZ-bibliotek. SE 1972
- I Tunisien. SE 1967
- Viktig, viktigare, viktigast
Eric M. Nilsson: a wonderful discovery, an artist of the Swedish documentary cinema.
25.7. TV: The Best of Midnight Special: Tom Jones Special (1972) with Chuck Berrry (Johnny B. Goode, School Days) and Kiki Dee (I Got The Music In There).
28.7. A Woman Of Paris. TV. [2]
30.7. TV: Maratonrock. The Tubes. Ultravox. Robert Palmer. The B-52's.