Sunday, June 30, 1985

June 1985 West Berlin

Musta peili viewings.

1 June 1985  The Comedy of Terrors. How low can you go, Jacques Tourneur.
1 June 1985  Dracula, Prince of Darkness. Very powerful.
2 June 1985  Twilight Zone the Movie. I like the Joe Dante episode very much.
2 June 1985  The Beast from 20.000 Fathoms. Only the final part is worth watching. The reptile monster is destroyed in a deserted nocturnal circus next to the roller coaster ride.
2 June 1985  King Kong (Guillermin). King Kong's hot breath turns Jessica Lange on. Lange is dragged through the mud and soaked in the water. The Kong project is financed by an oil company.
4 June 1985  The Old Dark House (Castle). Stupidly amusing video fun! Somehow I like this, but it is no match to the original.
4 June 1985  Monster on the Campus. Jack Arnold's darkest movie. An infection from a prehistoric fish turns a professor into a human beast. Violent.
11 June 1985  Der Student von Prag (1926). Not necessarily better than the original film adaptation. The final climax is very effective. The escape of the double into the darkness on a dark road surrounded by swaying trees. Baldwin shoots his mirror image and manages to see himself in the splinters before he dies.
12 June 1985  Hold That Ghost (1941). Abbott & Costello, Andrews Sisters, haunting that is exposed as a hoax. W-e-a-k.
12 June 1985  Flesh and Fantasy (1943)  I  The mask: a stylish episode in which a Mardi Gras mask helps a woman discover new dimensions into her life.  II  Edward G. Robinson hears a prophecy: he will turn into a murderer.  III  Barbara Stanwyck as a dream woman.