Thursday, December 01, 1983


Masculin-féminin [3]
Berlin Chamissoplatz. DE 1980. D: Rudolf Thome
Yogoto no yume / Allnächtliche Träume / Every Night Dreams. JP 1933. D: Mikio Naruse. Silent. 21 fps
8.12.1983 TV: Souvenirs, souvenirs
Le Week-end / Viikonloppu. FR/IT 1967. D: Jean-Luc Godard. DF
Akibiyori / Myöhäinen syksy / Late Autumn. JP 1960. D: Yasujiro Ozu. Colour. DF
Nran guyne / Sayat Nova. AM-SU 1968. D: Sergei Parajanov. 72 min Russian-language version, brilliant print, no subtitles or translation
Meshi / Mahlzeit / Repast. JP 1951. D: Mikio Naruse
Remu. FI 1983. D: Peter von Bagh
Juice. FI 1983. D: Peter von Bagh
Badding. FI 1983. D: Peter von Bagh
Nurmio. FI 1983. D: Peter von Bagh
Six fois deux: 3a: Photos et Cie. FR 1976. D: Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville
Six fois deux: 3b: Marcel. FR 1976. D: Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville
The Prowler. US 1951. D: Joseph Losey
Remu, Juice, Nurmio, Badding [2]
Along the Great Divide / Tie Santa Lomaan. US 1951. D: Raoul Walsh
American Film Institute: Salute to Fred Astaire. US 1981


US 1980. Carl Sagan. The TV series of the year. I saw at least 1,2,3,6,8,10,11, and 13.

1: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean / Den kosmiska oceanens stränder
2: One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue / En stämma i den kosmiska fugan
3: The Harmony of the Worlds / Världarnas harmoni
4: Heaven and Hell / Himmel och helvete
5: Blues for a Red Planet / Blues till en röd planet
6: Travellers' Tales / Berättelser av resande
7: The Backbone of Night / Nattens ryggrad
8: Journeys in Space and Time / Färder i rum och tid
9: The Lives of the Stars / Stjärnornas liv
10: The Edge of Forever / På randen till evigheten
11: The Persistence of Memory / Minnets beständighet
12: Encyclopaedia Galactica / Encyclopaedia Galactica
13: Who Speaks for Earth? / Vem för Jordens talan?
14: Ted Turner Interviews Dr. Sagan - kanske inte visad


Christian Stengel: Je chante / I Sing (FR 1938) with Charles Trenet. Featured in: Marie-Madeleine Nahon: La plus belle affiche... Part I Le Paradis perdu (FR 1980).

I never collected videos (magnetic video tapes). I knew since the 1970s that they are not durable. But I was busy watching, taping and exchanging, for friends, the number one video eagle being Peter von Bagh in Helsinki. In Berlin, top guys were Frank Arnold and Helmut Arlt, and in Stockholm friends like Terhi and teachers and students at the Film Department of the Stockholm University. I kept constantly organizing video evenings for friends.
In year 1983 I only had VHS players, later also Betamax, which was favoured by the big collectors.
These cassettes I kept playing this year.

The Planet of the Apes
+ Pearl Harbor live. Tom Tom Club: Genius of Love. Dave Edmunds live Måndagsbörsen. Alabama: The Closer You Get. Duran Duran live Måndagsbörsen. Spandau Ballet: [look at the thousands of boys]. The Searchers: You're Silver live. Simple Minds: Love Song. Human League: Love Action. Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is. Pete Shelley: Homosapien. Tom Petty: Woman In Love.

+ Landscape: Norman Bates. Depeche Mode: Just Can't Get Enough. Adam & The Ants: Prince Charming. Toni Basil: Be Stiff. David Bowie: Boys Keep Swinging. The Pretenders: Message Of Love. Pat Benatar: Fire And Ice. The Tubes: Suzie Girl. Linx: Intuition. Spandau Ballet: Paint Me Down. Duran Duran: Careless Memories.

Rosemary's Baby
A Swedish 1940s comedy with Nils Poppe (credits missing)

Casablanca 4.10.1982. The Church: The Unguarded Moment.
The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour (clip). All You Need Is Love (clip). You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (clip). I Should Have Known Better (clip). A Hard Day's Night (clip). Ticket To Ride (clip). Get Back (clip). Twist And Shout live in Sweden in 1963 (complete). I Wanna Hold Your Hand live (complete).
Annifrid Lyngstad: Something Is Going On. Fun Boy Three: Summertime. Bow Wow Wow: I Want Candy. ABC: The Look Of Love. Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy. Box (a Swedish band in the studio). Kim Carnes: Voyeur. Gyllene Tider.
Pink Panther [pirate ship], 1975
[Pluto's nightmare] with Mickey Mouse
Pink Quackers, with Pink Panther & Crazylegs Crane
Jet Feathers, with Crazylegs Crane
Pink and Shovel. 1978. Pink Panther
+ La Mariée était en noir

Kim Carnes: Draw Of The Cards * [a favourite tune of mine from these times]. Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer, with Cher. The Jam live, Måndagsbörsen. Rockpile Special, directed by Peter Carr, with Albert Lee. The Sniff'n'Tears live, Måndagsbörsen. Johnny Warman: Screaming Jets *. The Troggs: With A Girl Like You, Stockholm, clip. The Beatles: Strawberry Fields Forever (clip). Jimi Hendrix: Wild Thing (clip). Robert Palmer: Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor). The Motels: Days are OK. Dexy's Midnight Runners: I Couldn't Help It If I Tried. Devo: Whip It. ELO: Hold On Tight. Grace Jones: Libertango (I've Seen That Face Before). Madness: Shut Up. The Specials: Ghost Town. U2: Gloria. Duran Duran. David Lindley: Crazy 'Bout My Mercury Blues. Elvis Costello: A Good Year For The Roses. Altered Images: Happy Birthday. The Flying Padovanis live. Spandau Ballet: Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On). David Bowie: Life On Mars? The Police: Invisible Sun. Ultravox: Thin Wall. Roger Chapman live, Rockpalast. Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes. The GoGo's: Our Lips Are Sealed. The Shadows: Frightened City (a flash).

Maraton Rock: The Undertones, Mink De Ville, The Pretenders, Stray Cats, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen.
Hall & Oates: Private Eyes. John Foxx: Dancing Like A Gun. Marianne Faithfull: Sweetheart *. The Church: In Unguarded Moments. Human League: Don't You Want Me. The Kinks: Predictable *. Thomas Dolby: Europa And The Pirate Twins. Heaven 17: Penthouse And Pavement.
Dire Straits live: Water Of Love, Rockpalast
Days of Wine and Roses (the ending)
Black Uhuru live, Rockpalast

Rock Out: Ian Hunter, 11 Aug 1981.
Cat Ballou
Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar god jul / Samu Sirkan joulusirkus. US. A Walt Disney Christmas cavalcade with very funny Swedish dubbing. Jungle Book. The Fox and the Hound. Snow White. Robin Hood. Chip and Dale. When You Wish Upon A Star. Jiminy Cricket. [Since 1986, there has been Jiminy Cricket's Christmas, but this show was being shown on Swedish TV in 1980 and probably before.]
Lotte Lenya: Jack the Knife, etc.

Tom Petty live.
How to Steal a Million (US 1966, William Wyler) (clip)
Jan Guillou: Magazinet. Prisons in Sweden
Elvis Costello in Nashville. D: Peter Carr. A Good Year For The Roses. Watchin' The Detectives. Sittin' And Thinkin'. Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do (by Hank Williams). Sittin' And Thinkin' (second version).
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Into Thin Air. US 1955. D: Don Medford
Da nao tian gong / Uproar in Heaven / Apkungen / Apinakuningas. CN 1965. D: Wan Lai-ming.

Squeeze: Tempted. Blondie: Rapture. Pat Benatar: In The Heat Of The Night. Squeeze: Labelled With Love. Ry Cooder live. The Pretenders. Ultravox live: Vienna, Time Goes By Too Soon, We Stood Still. The Police: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. The Clash: This Is Radio Clash. The Rolling Stones: Neighbors *. Japan: Visions Of China. Stray Cats: Little Miss Prissy. Soft Cell: Tainted Love. Adam & The Ants: Prince Charming. Toni Basil: Be Stiff! *. David Bowie: Boys Keep Swinging *. Simple Minds: Love Song. Human League: Love Action. Tom Petty: Woman In Love. Duran Duran: Girls On Film. Bow Wow Wow: Chihuahua. The Rolling Stones: Waiting On A Friend *.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: One More Mile To Go. US 1957. D: Alfred Hitchcock.
Pink Panther
La cabina. IT 1973. D: Bruno Bozzetto.

CASSETTE 11: La plus belle affiche... FR 1980. D: Marie-Madeleine Nahon

I Le Paradis perdu
Le Silence est d'or. FR 1947. D: René Clair. Maurice Chevalier
Une soirée mondaine. FR 1917. D: Henri Diamant-Berger. Maurice Chevalier, Mistinguett
Chacun sa chance. FR/DE 1931. D: Hans Steinhoff / René Pujol
Zouzou. D: Marc Allégret
Paris-Méditerranée. FR 1932. D: Joe May
Quatorze juillet. D: René Clair
Le Crime de M. Lange. D: Jean Renoir
Monsieur, Madame et Bibi. D: Jean Boyer
A nous la liberté. D: René Clair
La Vie est à nous. D: Jean Renoir
Весёлые ребята / Jazz Comedy / Iloiset pojat. SU 1934. D: Grigori Alexandrov
La belle équipe. D: Julien Duvivier
Je chante. D: Christian Stengel
Avec le sourire. D: Maurice Tourneur
L'Homme du jour. D: Julien Duvivier
Marinella. D: Pierre Caron
Ernest le rebelle. D: Christian-Jaque
Paradis perdu. D: Abel Gance

II Je ne regrette rien
La Romance de Paris. D: Jean Boyer
Montmartre sur scène. D: Georges Lacombe
Les Visiteurs du soir. D: Marcel Carné
Frederika. D: Jean Boyer
Les Enfants du paradis. D: Marcel Carné
Nous irons à Paris. D: Jean Boyer
Edouard et Caroline. D: Jacques Becker
Les Portes de la nuit. D: Marcel Carné
Silence antenne. D: René Lucot
Les Orgueilleux. D: Yves Allégret
Le Désordre à vingt ans. D: Jacques Baratier
33 tours et puis s'en vont
La Nuit des cabarets
TV: Joie de vivre - Edith Piaf. Henri Spade, André Hugues
TV: Joie de vivre - Maurice Chevalier. Henri Spade, Georges Croses
TV: Rendez-vous avec Brel. Alexandre Tarta, Jacqueline Joubert
TV: En direct de chez Vian. Roger Benamou
TV: Jazzorama. Jean-Christophe Averty
TV: Ecole des vedettes. Guy Lessertisseur
TV: Discorama Spécial Brel
TV: Chacun son rêve
TV: En français dans le texte
TV: Rêves en bouteille
TV: Discorama
TV: Chanson d'avril
TV: Toute la chanson
TV: Dimanche en France
TV: Montand chante pour les étudiants
TV: Rendez-vous avec Ferre

Starring (I): Chevalier, Mistinguett *, Josephine Baker *, Jean Gabin *, Lucienne Boyer, Ray Ventura, Charles Trenet, Tino Rossi, Fernandel,
(II): Chevalier, Edith Piaf *, Arletty *, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Boris Vian, Jean Ferre, Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Juliette Gréco, Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf

Belle de jour
The dBs live. Robert Palmer: Some Guys Have All The Luck. Chas Jankel: Questionnaire *. ELO: Twilight. Human League: Open Your Heart. Bill Wyman: Si, si, je suis un rock star. Steve Miller: Macho City. The Temptations: My Girl. Tina Turner: I Wanna Take You Higher, live. Graham Parker: Temporary Beauty. The Rolling Stones: Start Me Up.
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: You Got Lucky. The Zombies: Don't Hurt Me Now. David Bowie: John, I'm Only Dancing. Freddie and The Dreamers: You Were Made For Me. Robert Palmer: Pride. Santana: Hold On It. The Rolling Stones: Not Fade Away. The Animals: Baby Let Me Take You Home. Millie Small: My Boy Lollipop. Lulu: Shout. Hall & Oates: Maneater. Dire Straits: Twisting By The Pool.

Stage Fright
Pink Panther

Scarlet Street
Sandwich. IT 1983. D: Bruno Bozzetto.
TV: Casablanca 11 Oct 1982. Peter Gabriel: Shock The Monkey. Haysi Fantayzee: John Wayne Is Big Leggy. Mad House, studio live. Jimi Hendrix: Purple Haze, Hey Joe (Monterey), Hey Joe (b&w), Hear My Train A-Comin', Purple Haze *. Soundcheck: Hold The Line. Toto: Rosanna.
TV: Casablanca 18 Oct 1982. The Cheaters: Let Me Try It Again, studio live. Roxy Music: Avalon. Gerry & The Pacemakers: How Do You Do It? Marianne Faithfull: As Tears Go By. [a white girl trio]: Dancin' In The Street. Freddie and The Dreamers: You Were Made For Me. The Cheaters: Drugs. The Motels: Only The Lonely. Simple Minds: Glittering Prize. Yazoo: Don't Go. Bananarama: Shy Boy. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Come On Eileen. Billy Joel: Pressure. The Cheaters: Just Can't Stop Me.

Sanjuro. 7 Nov 1983 Passion (Godard). 16 Nov 1983 Die Marquise von O.
5 Nov 1983 Jet Pilot. 7 Nov 1983 Teheran 43. 9 Nov 1983 Ehe im Schatten. 13 Nov 1983 Professor Mamlock.
21 Nov 1983 Igrok / The Gambler
19 Nov 1983 Phantom Lady
23 Nov 1983 La Chinoise. 5 Dec 1983 Akibiyori
This flips over to the next year a bit...
2 April 1984 ABBA: Waterloo, Dancing Queen. Wang Chung: Dance Hall Days.
Manhattan Transfer. Nina Hagen sings Leander. New York, New York. Bette Midler & Mick Jagger: Beast Of Burden. David Bowie: China Girl.
The Roots of Rock'n'Roll 6. US (c) 1981 2th Century Fox TV. D: Arthur Forrest. Bad script, lousy moderators: the Doobie Brothers. The Who. ELO: Don't Let Me Down. Genesis. AC-DC. Fleetwood Mac. Ted Nugent: Sweet Dream. Tiny Tim. Paul Simon. Journey. REO Speedwagon. Heart. Smokey Robinson: I Don't Care. Michael Jackson. The Jackson Five. ABBA. David Bowie: Ashes To Ashes *. The Pretenders: Message Of Love. Cheap Trick: Dream Police. Tom Petty: A Woman In Love. M: Pop Music *. The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom *. The Police: Can't Stand Losing You. The Stranglers: Nuclear Device. Gary Numan. Madness: One Step Beyond *. The Clash: London Calling. Adam & The Ants. Lene Lovich: Lucky Numbers +. Devo: Whip It! *. Ian Dury: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick +.
Snubbed By a Snob. US 1940. D: Dave Fleischer. Hunky and Spunky.