Friday, November 30, 1984


Mark Robson: The Seventh Victim (US 1943) starring Kim Hunter, produced by Val Lewton for RKO. An unforgettable study of urban solitude and desolation, a predecessor of Hitchcock and Polanski. No Val Lewton horror films for RKO had been theatrically released in Finland or telecast. Only Jacques Tourneur's three RKO horror films had been screened at the Finnish Film Archive (SEA) on 16 mm. It was a revelation to see the complete Val Lewton horror set on video. At the end of the decade, Anne Jokelainen, a SEA regular, booked the first telecasts at Kolmoskanava (Channel 3).

I runne to death and death meets me as fast
And all my pleasures are like yesterday

- John Donne: Holy Sonnets I (1631). The motto of The Seventh Victim.

1 Nov 1984 I receive from Asko Alanen a video package that I view during the month for our Musta peili project:
1 Nov 1984  The Seventh Victim / Seitsemäs uhri (US 1943). P: Val Lewton / RKO. D: Mark Robson. video
2+18 Nov 1984  Isle of the Dead / Kuolleiden saari (US 1945). P: Val Lewton / RKO. D: Mark Robson. video
3 Nov 1984  Murders in the Rue Morgue (US 1931). D: Robert Florey. video
3 Nov 1984  Phantom of the Opera / Suuren oopperan kummitus (US 1925). D: Rupert Julian. Lon Chaney. video
4 Nov 1984  Witchfinder General (GB 1968). D: Michael Reeves. Vincent Price. video
4 Nov 1984  The Big Sky / Korkean taivaan alla (US 1952). D: Howard Hawks. Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Treatt. video
4 Nov 1984  House of Wax / Vahakabinetti (US 1953). D: André De Toth. Vincent Price. video
2 Nov 1984  Paris nous appartient / Pariisi kuuluu meille (FR 1958). D: Jacques Rivette. Arsenal
4 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
7 Nov 1984  The Man of the West / Mies lännestä (US 1958). D: Anthony Mann
9 Nov 1984  Berlin Alexanderplatz (DE 1931). D: Piel Jutzi. Delphi-Filmpalast am Zoo.
11 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
11 Nov 1984  Helmut Arlt: a big NBC show taped in Spain
11 Nov 1984  Hellzapoppin' / Hullunmyllyssä (US 1941). D: H. C. Potter. Olsen & Johnson.  [2] usw. Helmut Arlt
15 Nov 1984  Cyankali (DE 1930) D: Hans Tintner. b.o. play by Friedrich Wolf. Grete Mosheim. taped
18 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
18 Nov 1984  All Quiet on the Western Front / Im Westen nichts Neues, Deutsche Fassung (US 1930). D: Lewis Milestone, taped
19 Nov 1984  Cluny Brown / Piika, joka ei tiennyt paikkaansa. D: Ernst Lubitsch. tv, AFN
20 Nov 1984  Formel Eins taped
21 Nov 1984  America America (US 1963). D: Elia Kazan, taped
21 Nov 1984  Escape to Victory / Pako voittoon (US 1981. D: John Huston
23 Nov 1984  Faust (DE 1926). D: F. W. Murnau, taped
23 Nov 1984  Monte Carlo (US 1930). D: Ernst Lubitsch
24 Nov 1984  The Terror (US 1962). D: Roger Corman. video
24 Nov 1984  The Last Wagon / Erämaan laki (US 1956). D: Delmer Daves. Richard Widmark, Felicia Farr.
25 Nov 1984  taped: Country Joe McDonald, Van Morrison, Randy Newman, Musikladen 1976
27 Nov 1984  Zlatye gory / Golden Mountains (SU 1931). D: Sergei Yutkevich. taped
27 Nov 1984  Le Jetée (FR 1962. D: Chris Marker. Arsenal
27 Nov 1984  Si j'avais quatre dromedaires (FR 1966). D: Chris Marker. Arsenal
27 Nov 1984  Junkopia (FR 1981). D: Chris Marker, John Chapman, Frank Simeone. Arsenal
28 Nov 1984  X: the Man with the X-Ray Eyes (US 1963) D: Roger Corman. DF video
28 Nov 1984  The Curse of the Werewolf (GB 1961). D: Terence Fisher. video
28 Nov 1984  Geheimnisse einer Seele / Ihmissielun salaisuudet (DE 1926). D: G. W. Pabst. taped
29 Nov 1984  The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (GB 1960). D: Terence Fisher. video