Tuesday, April 01, 1980


Popiół i diament. Pirkkala 16mm [2]
Vredens dag / Vihan päivä / The Day of Wrath. DK 1943. D: Carl Th. Dreyer. tv.
River of No Return. tv [2]
L'Année dernière à Marienbad / Viime vuonna Marienbadissa. FR/IT/DE/AT 1961. D: Alain Resnais. Alain Robbe-Grillet. Delphine Seyrig. SEA Tampere. To be coldly admired
Великая Отечественная 13: Освобождение Украины / Tuntematon sota 13: Ukrainan vapautus / The Unknown War 13: Liberation of the Ukraine. SU/US 1978. D: Lev Danilov. tv
Cегодня / Tänään / Today. SU 1930. D: Eshfir Shub. SEA Helsinki. Some good bits in This Is America style, but otherwise hopelessly dated.
Du und mancher Kamerad / Sinä ja moni toveri / [You and Many a Comrade]. DD 1956. D: Andrew Thorndike, Annelie Thorndike. SEA Helsinki. Brilliant on fascism, starts well, gets weaker
In the Year of the Pig. SEA Helsinki [2]
Великая Отечественная 14: Освобождение Белоруссии / Tuntematon sota 14: Valko-Venäjän vapautus / The Unknown War 14: The Liberation of Belorussia. video
The Man You Loved To Hate / Erich von Stroheim: mies jota oli ihana vihata. US 1977. D: Patrick Montgomery [& James C. Gutman?]. tv
The Long Goodbye / Pitkät jäähyväiset. US 1973. D: Robert Altman. Raymond Chandler. Elliott Gould (Philip Marlowe). This film well-loved by my friends did not move me so much
Der Rat der Götter / [Council of the Gods]. DD 1950. D: Kurt Maetzig. SEA Helsinki without translation. The history of IG Farben during the Nazi era. I did not understand German so well then
Великая Отечественная 15: От Карпат на Балканы до Вены / Tuntematon sota 15: Karpaateilta Wieniin / The Unknown War 15: The Balkans to Vienna. SU/US 1978. D: Igor Gelein. tv
The Best Years of Our Lives / Parhaat vuodet. US 1946. D: William Wyler. tv. I was impressed, but I had the feeling that the generations that had actually experienced the coming home years at the time did not feel this was authentic enough. The reality was more bitter to the returning cripples, and so on.
Sleeper / Unikeko. US 1973. D: Woody Allen. Royal