Saturday, November 01, 1980


The Idle Class / Joutilas luokka. US 1921. Charles Chaplin. tv
The Kid / Chaplinin poika. US 1921. Charles Chaplin. tv
Karin Ingmarsdotter / Karin Ingmarintytär / Karin, Daughter of Ingmar. SE 1920. D: Victor Sjöström. Selma Lagerlöf. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru / Berg-Ejvind ja hänen vaimonsa / The Outlaw and His Wife. SE 1917. D: Victor Sjöström. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
Mästerman / Mestarimies / The Pawn of Love. SE 1920. D: Victor Sjöström. Hjalmar Bergman. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
La dolce vita. tv [2]
Ingmarssönerna 1-2 / Ingmarin pojat 1-2 /Sons of Ingmar 1-2. SE 1919. D: Victor Sjöström. Lagerlöf. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
Hans nåds testamente / Hänen armonsa testamentti / His Grace's Last Will. SE 1919. D: Victor Sjöström. Hjalmar Bergman. Fkl/Fst
Vem dömer? / Ken tuomitsee? / Love's Crucible. SE 1921. Hjalmar Bergman. Fkl/Fst
Démanty noci / Yön timantit / Diamonds of the Night. CZ 1964. D: Jan Němec. Arnošt Lustig. tv. An extremely taut story of an escape: the sweat, the fatigue, the mortal danger, the pain of hunger.
Asfalttilampaat / Asfaltkärlek / [Asphalt Love]. tv [2] Donner's part cut almost completely.
The Awful Truth. tv [2]
Körkarlen / Ajomies / The Phantom Carriage. SE 1920. D: Victor Sjöström. Lagerlöf. Fkl/Fst
He Who Gets Slapped / Hän joka saa korvapuustit. US 1924. D: Victor Sjöström. Leonid Andreyev. Lon Chaney. Fkl/Fh. Introduced by Bengt Forslund. The film discovery of the year: the long forgotten film was seen for the first time in decades. It was reported that also Ingmar Bergman saw it for the first time now, interestingly, because of the parallels with Gycklarnas afton. - And the director discovery of the year for me was Victor Sjöström.
The Scarlet Letter / Tulipunainen kirjain. US 1926. D: Victor Sjöström. Hawthorne. Lillian Gish. Fkl/Fh
Kenneth Anger: Puce Moment (US 1949), Scorpio Rising (US 1963), Invocation of My Demon Brother (US 1969), Rabbit's Moon (FR 1950 / US 1970), Eaux d'artifice (FR 1953), Fireworks (US 1947). Fkl
The Family Jewels / Jerry, perheen musta lammas. US 1965. Jerry Lewis. Saw half. tv. Mediocre
Meet John Doe. tv [2]
Несколько дней из жизни И. И. Обломова / Oblomov / A Few Days in the Life of I.I. Oblomov. SU 1980. D: Nikita Mikhalkov. Ivan Goncharov. Oleg Tabakov. Kosmos, Helsinki. - By this year I had seen all the film of M.: Five Evenings is best, there are good things in the end of The Unfinished Piece, Oblomov is too scattered and without a sense of urgency.
The Thirty-Nine Steps / 39 askelta. GB 1935. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Video PvB = Peter von Bagh
Il bidone / Huijarit. IT 1955. D: Federico Fellini. video PvB
The Man Who Knew Too Much / Mies joka tiesi liikaa. US 1956. D: Alfred Hitchcock. video PvB. Of the discoveries of the A.H. year, this is the best. Torn Curtain fascinating in its contradictions (the story it tells beyond the one it intends to tell). 39 steps starts thin, gets substance. Sabotage has a sense of pressure, marred by the fatal flaw of storytelling (the child's death).