Saturday, December 24, 2011

Out now: Movie online Issue 3

The legendary British film journal Movie has been resurrected in cyberspace. Movie Issue 3, published on 23 December, 2011, is now available free online!

Movie, Issue 3
The Fritz Lang Dossier, Part 2:
Rush to Judgement: Imperfect Justice in Fury (1936) / Stella Bruzzi
You Only Live Once (1937) / V. F. Perkins
Going Straight: The Past and the Future in The Return of Frank James (1940) / Edward Gallafent
The Woman in the Window (1944) / Mark Rappaport
Guess-Work: Scarlet Street (1945) / Adrian Martin
The Big Heat: Acts of Violence (1953) / Peter William Evans
Human Desire (1954) / Deborah Thomas
Lang With Lacan: The Power of the Gaze in Moonfleet (1955) / Peter Benson
Bonjour Tristesse and the Expressive Potential of Découpage / Christian Keathley
The Texture of Performance in Psycho and its Remake / Alex Clayton
The Cry of the Owl: Investigating Decision-Making in a Contemporary Feature Film / John Gibbs

This issue edited by Douglas Pye and Michael Walker. Designed by Lucy Fife Donaldson, John Gibbs, and James MacDowell.

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