Saturday, November 17, 2012

Akkaansilta / [The Akkaansilta Bridge]

FI 2011. PC: Futuri Filmi / Isonkyrön kotiseutuyhdistys / Kyrönmaan Opiston filmipiiri. D: Juha Rinnekari. Cinematography: Jussi Kujala, Osmo Nortunen, K. J. Mielty, Juha Rinnekari. Incorporating vintage 8 mm footage from the 1970s. M: Mikko Tamminen. Interviewer: Matti Loukola. [Dvd?]. 45 min. In the presence of the film-makers. Sampled at Matin-Tupa, Ylistaro (Filmiä ja valoa), 17 Nov 2012.

A documentary on the whole community participating in the maintaining of a bridge that needed to be removed during the breaking up of the ice of Kyrönjoki. The composition and the placement of the camera is perfect in the exceptional footage. There was a custom-made carriage with the length of  20 meters for removing elements of the bridge. The teamwork had to be seamless in circumstances of sometimes very restless water in the river.

A memorable tribute to l'esprit de corps, the team spirit and the ancient tradition of doing big things together, called in Finland talkoot, in Pohjanmaa kökkä, and the special spirit called talkoohenki.

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