Thursday, January 24, 2013

DocPoint Vanishing Point: Stan Brakhage 3: The Text of Light

DocPoint Vanishing Point, Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 24 Jan 2013.
Curators: Mika Taanila, Sami van Ingen.
Introduced by Sami van Ingen. 

The Text of Light. 1974. 16 mm; 71 min. Source: Canyon Cinema.

An amazing film - a light show - like a huge art exhibition - consisting entirely of reflections in a glass ashtray.

Like the bottom of the ocean - like stardust in outer space.
Like the clouds in heaven - like the depths of water.
Like frozen cascades.
Macroscopic - microscopic.

Highlighting crystals - highlighting shining surfaces.
Highlighting the glass material - highlighting the quartz crystal cluster qualities.
Like the dusk - like the dawn.
Like Northern lights - like rainbows.
Like embers - like glowing embers - "kuin hiipuva hiillos" = like fading embers.

Like an oil painting - like a watercolour - like an acrylic painting - like a mobile - like tapestry - like kinetic art.
Like film noir imagery - nocturnal streets glistening in the dark after the rain.
Illuminations - transformations.
Constellations - nebulae.
Deep sea creatures beyond the reach of light.

Textures of light.

A fine print of a film which it must be a nightmare for the projectionist to focus. There was trouble in the beginning but it was settled with no harm done.

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