Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bottle Rocket

Lurjukset. USA 1995. PC: Gracie Films. D: Wes Anderson. SC: Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson. DP: Robert Yeoman. M: Mark Mothersbaugh. CAST: Luke Wilson (Anthony), Owen Wilson (Dignan), Robert Musgrave (Bob Mapplethorpe), Lumi Cavazos (Inez), James Caan (crime lord). 91 min. Viewed on vhs (Nordisk Finland 1996). - Wes Anderson's debut feature film is a freewheeling account of three would-be criminals, who are rather stupid than evil. - The title means a small firework, which the guys use in the big caper. - In comparison with Tarantino this is realistic, sensitive, vibrant with life. - There is a touching, tentative relationship between Paraguyan Grace and Anthony. - The spoilt rich Mapplethorpe brothers. - Planning a big caper, a bit I soliti ignoti, but completely original. Also an affinity with early Fellini (I vitelloni). - There is also a soundtrack album. - A favourite of Martin Scorsese, Tony Rayns and Robin Wood.

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