Sunday, August 30, 2009

Akiko Koyama and others

Watching a complete Nagisa Oshima retrospective one starts to recognize recurring artists in the films.

1. Akiko Koyama (Mrs. Nagisa Oshima) is one of the most important. These weeks, I have seen her in:
- Shiiku (The Catch) as one of the villagers
- Nihon shunka-ko (Sing a Song of Sex) as the long-term lady friend of the professor
- Hakuchu no torima (Violence at Noon) as the teacher wife of the serial killer
- Koshikei (Death by Hanging) as the Korean woman
- Natsu no imoto (Dear Summer Sister) as Tsuru Omura, the Okinawan woman
Previously, I had seen her in Nihon no yoru to kiri (Night and Fog in Japan), Shonen (The Boy), Gishiki (The Ceremony), Ai no corrida (In the Realm of the Senses), and Ai no borei (Empire of Passion), but hadn't made the connection.

2. The cinematographer Akira Takada filmed at least four Oshima films in 1965-1967. Yasuhiro Yoshioka at least seven Oshima films in 1967-1991. Takashi Kawamata at least three Oshima films in 1960.

3. The editor Keiichi Uraoka has edited at least 16 Oshima films in 1960-1978.

4. The composer Riichiro Manabe has composed the music for at least six Oshima films in 1960-1962. Hikaru Hayashi for at least seven Oshima films in 1966-1969. Toru Takemitsu for at least five Oshima films in 1968-1994.

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