Monday, August 17, 2009

Los abrazos rotos

Särkyneet syleilyt / Brustna omfamningar. ES (c) 2009 El Deseo. EX: Agustín Almodóvar. D+SC: Pedro Almodóvar. DP: Rodrigo Prieto - negative: 35 mm (Kodak Vision2 250D 5205, Vision3 500T 5219) - Panavision 2,35:1 - color - digital intermediate 2K. PD: Antxón Gómez. COST: Sonia Grande. M: Alberto Iglesias. CAST: Penélope Cruz (Lena), Lluís Homar (Mateo Blanco / Harry Caine), Blanca Portillo (Judit García), José Luis Gómez (Ernesto Martel), Tamar Novas (Diego), Rubén Ochandiano (Ray X).129 min. Released in Finland by Sandrew Metronome Distribution Finland with Finnish / Swedish subtitles by Outi Kainulainen / Joanna Erkkilä. Viewed at Kinopalatsi 1, 16 Aug 2009 (general premiere weekend). - The digital intermediate look of the 35mm print is not too obvious. - Pedro Almodóvar belongs to the select number of film makers whose new work I always look forward to. He does not disappoint with his new film, and it was a gratifying experience to see this in a big cinema with an audience grateful to see the new tale of a trusted storyteller. - This story is certainly self-reflective: Harry Caine resembles somewhat the protagonist of La ley del deseo, and the central reference is a film like Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios. - It is a thriller and a tragedy of passion. The mystery of the thriller is not fully resolved (at least when the film is seen only once): how fatal was the information given by Judit García: she was instrumental in helping to butcher the director's film, but was she also indirectly responsible for the fatal traffic accident? -  But this is just the surface. The film is a meditation on many things: poverty (which triggered Lena to her fateful life-choice), art transforming life, the tragedy of the son living in the shadow of the mighty father, the jealousy of the rich tycoon for the poor artist. - Almodóvar's cinematic storytelling is assured and enthralling.

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