Friday, October 02, 2009

Posle smerti

After Death / Kuoleman jälkeen. RU 1915. PC: Hanzhonkov. D+SC: Jevgeni Bauer - based on the tale "Klara Militsh" (1882) by Ivan Turgenev. DP: Boris Zavelev. CAST: Vitold Polonski (Andrei Bagrov), Vera Karalli (Zoja Kadmina). /18 fps/ 51 min. A Gosfilmofond print, version restored in 1988 with reconstructed intertitles based on Turgenev's tale. E-subtitles in Finnish by Tuulia Lehtonen. Viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 1 Oct 2009. - Revisited Bauer's haunting tragedy of a missed love. The lone scientist and the actress "with an attentive look in her dark eyes". They meet once in a snowy park, but they misunderstand each other. He reads in the papers that she has taken poison.Her spirit never lets him go, he sees her as an angelic figure in a cornfield. He gets her diary and photographs of her. Once when he falls down, he has her dark hair in his hand. - Superior to the popular ghost romances of the last decades, this belongs to the class of Ugetsu and Vertigo. - Inspired music selection and performance by Mauri Saarikoski (violin) and Marko Puro (piano).

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