Monday, May 03, 2010

Joint Technical Symposium Day One

Joint Technical Symposium 2010: Digital Challenges and Digital Opportunities in Audiovisual Archiving. At the FIAF Congress at the Klingenberg Kino, Oslo.

08:00 Coffee
08:30 Opening of the symposium
09:00 Bits is Bits. Right? Guess Again. - George Blood - Serious questions of hardware and software differences regarding long-term preservation. The problems are widely known by manufacturers and blatantly hidden.
09:30 Scaling Up: Using Parallel Transfers in Research Archives to Increase Audio Preservation Efficiency - Mike Casey. - Methods to increase the efficiency of transfers to meet the deadline before fatal degradation and obsolescence of source materials.
10:00 Monolith – Migrationless Long Term Digital Storage. - Peter Fornaro. - Bits-on-film technology.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Stained Glass. Parallels in Preservation Analogies in the Conservation of Stained Glass and AV Media - Jim Lindner. - What one can learn from preservation practices with a one thousand year old tradition.
11:30 Digital Archiving of Audiovisual Material – Pilot Projects in Europe. - Arne Nowak. - The ED-Cine Project to start with small complete solutions.
12:00 Digitalization of Norwegian Cinemas - the First Complete National Digitalization Scheme. - Jørgen Stensland. - The first complete national digital cinema scheme is taking place right now, during these months, in Norway. It also means that first-run cinemas that participate need to get rid of the 35 mm projection, since it is not allowed to have both.
12:30 Digital Cinema – Bringing Film Classics Back to the Cinema Screen. - Erlend Jonassen. - Including a sample of Markens grøde (NO 1921) with the original music of Leif Halvorsen, conducted by Frank Strobel and played by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in 2008. - There are digital cinematheques in seven Norwegian cities.
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 16 mm Reversal Material in the Light of Transfer to High Definition Video - David Pflueger. - Seven samples with different methods were completely different. From 16 mm sources television senders prefers cropped widescreen to pillarbox transfers.
14:30 Digital Restoration and Preservation of Ginrin (Toshio Matsumoto 1955) with new black-and-white separation film for digital intermediate. - Akihiro Seino - Fumiaki Itakura. - In Japan, motion pictures have been officially characterized as an important culture form for the first time in 2009. - Beautiful samples of Ginrin / Bicycle in a Dream (JP 1955) with concrete music by Toru Takemitsu and special effects by Eiji Tsuburaya.
15:00 Dust BW: Detection of Dust and Scratches on Photographic Silver Halide (Black and White) Material by Polarized Dark Field Illumination - Rudolf Gschwind. - New optical scanning systems. The diffracted light of the fined grain silver can be suppressed whereas the diffracted light of dust and scratches is still visible.
15:30 Context Sensitive Archiving of Videos on the Web. - Thomas Drugeon – Matteo Trelani. - The immense project of website archiving at the INA.
16:00 END

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