Thursday, November 04, 2010

Eino Mäkinen - Photographs and Films (exhibition)

Eino Mäkinen - Valokuvia ja elokuvia, Ateneum, Finnish National Gallery 5.11.2010-20.2.2011
Photographs and films from the 1920s until the 1940s.

The Eino Mäkinen collection at National Audiovisual Archive (KAVA) was donated by  Eino Mäkinen  in contact with Lauri Tykkyläinen. The exhibition is curated by Kai Vase together with exhibition architect Marja Kanervo.

Eino Mäkinen (1908-1987) is a photographer famous in Finland for Modernism (Tulenkantajat), his Alvar Aalto connection, modern art photography, visual dynamism, "writing in light", urban rhythm - and recording the Finnish folk tradition in 30 films and thousands of photographs (Kansatieteellinen Filmi 1936-1939).

Many of the images are well-known but this exhibition is a brilliant whole with new revelations and excellent standards of presentation.

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