Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wrong Again

Nurinkurin ja päinvastoin. US 1929. PC: Hal Roach Studios. P: Hal Roach. D: Leo McCarey. Ass. and second unit D: Lewis R. Foster, Lloyd French. Story: Lewis R. Foster, Leo McCarey. Titles: H.M. Walker. DP: Jack Roach, George Stevens. Set dresser: Theodore Driscoll. Property master: Morey Lightfoot. ED: Richard C. Currier, William H. Terhune. Horse wrangler: Jones. Cast: Stan Laurel (Stan), Oliver Hardy (Ollie), Harry Bernard (policeman), Josephine Crowell (mother of the owner of the painting), William Gillespie (owner of the horse), Charlie Hall (neighbour), Dell Henderson (owner of the painting). Silent, 1,33:1, 20 min. A 16 mm Blackhawk print with music track viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 18 Nov 2010. - Stan and Ollie are grooms at a horse stable who think that the horse Blue Boy has been stolen (it is the painting). The misunderstanding is prolonged as the owner tells them to put Blue Boy above the grand piano where it has always been. Stan and Ollie know that with the very rich everything is done upside down, "they think the opposite to other people". The film follows a crazy logic, Blue Boy is easy to lead on top of the piano, but one of the piano legs is removed, and Ollie has to support both the piano and the horse while Stan is more concerned about his hat which the horse keeps tossing away. This is really a crazy comedy.

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