Monday, September 01, 1980


Die Ehe der Maria Braun / Maria Braunin avioliitto / The Marriage of Maria Braun. DE 1979. D: R.W. Fassbinder. Hanna Schygulla. Grand
The Empire Strikes Back / Imperiumin vastaisku. US 1980. D: Irvin Kershner. Ri-tvåan. Good effects, but it tastes recycled
High Plains Drifter / Ruoska. US 1972. D: Clint Eastwood. Filmstaden
Sången om den eldröda blomman / Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta / The Song of the Scarlet Flower. SE 1918. D: Mauritz Stiller. Filmklubben / Filmhuset
Swing Time / Hääkarkuri. US 1936. D: George Stevens. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. Filmklubben / Filmstaden
That's Entertainment 2: Hollywood, Hollywood! US 1976. Filmklubben / Filmstaden. Mishmash, yet still good fun
Herr Arnes pengar / Aarne-herran rahat. SE 1918. D: Mauritz Stiller. Filmklubben / Filmstaden
Fårödokument 1979. SE 1979. D: Ingmar Bergman. Filmklubben / Filmhuset. The Bergman year: Gycklarnas afton did not move me; En passion has a grim force; Fårödokument 1969 is ordinary, but Fårödokument 1979 magisterial, B's colour sense at its strongest; Ansikte mot ansikte was a strange experience on the big Filmhuset screen; Riten is a priapic joke and an attack against critics, a depressing comedy; Scener ur ett äktenskap still a big favourite in its powerful focus on faces
Goldfinger. Rita [2]
Summer Stock / Sano se sävelin. US 1950. D: Charles Walters. Filmklubben / Filmstaden. The final film of Judy Garland's consistent MGM musical career, "Get Happy" wonderful. - The autumn's musicals started brilliantly with That's Entertainment, a magnificent introduction into the MGM musical. Singin' in the Rain is great, as is Swing Time. Deep in My Heart is more mediocre. - My discovery of the greatness of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire
Geisha Boy / Jerry kimonossa. US 1958. D: Frank Tashlin. Jerry Lewis. Filmstaden
Deep in My Heart / Syvällä sydämessäni. US 1954. D: Stanley Donen. Filmklubben / Filmstaden. The Sigmund Romberg story with José Ferrer
Erotikon / Erotikon. SE 1920. D: Mauritz Stiller. Filmklubben / Filmhuset. This season was my introduction to Stiller, Sången om den eldröda blomman my favourite with its vigorous sense of life, Herr Arnes pengar I found too heavy, Erotikon brought the audience to laughter.
Breaking Glass. GB 1980. D: Brian Gibson. Bio Tivoli, Copenhagen
La città delle donne / Naisten kaupunki. IT/FR 198o. D: Federico Fellini. Aniente, Rome
Mata Hari / Mata Hari. US 1931. D: George Fitzmaurice. Greta Garbo. Archimede, Rome

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