Thursday, October 01, 1981


In West Berlin
Feast of Friends. US 1970. D: Paul Ferrara. The Doors. Alhambra. Quite good. +
Jimi Plays Berkeley. US 1971. D: Peter Pilafian. ED: Baird Bryant. Alhambra. Quite good. +
Phantom of the Rue Morgue / Der Würger von Paris. US 1954. D: Roy Del Ruth. DF. Alhambra. A nice triple bill: The Doors and Hendrix at their best and a solid midnight horror movie, which I found on the basis of the recommendation of Frank Arnold (in Zitty?). A strange surprise: Buñuel must have seen this, since there are references to it in Ensayo de un crimen and Viridiana.
Rear Window / Takaikkuna. US 1954. D: Alfred Hitchcock. Thalia 2, 16mm. In West Berlin it was possible to see this Peter Vollmann print before the film was re-released after a very long break. The H. masterpiece beside Vertigo.
In Stockholm
For Your Eyes Only / Erittäin salainen. GB 1981. D: John Glen. Ian Fleming. Roger Moore (James Bond), Carole Bouquet. Ri-Tvåan. The worst Bond movie in the series started by Saltzman and Broccoli.
The Planet of the Apes / Apinoiden planeetta. US 1967. D: Franklin J. Schaffner. Pierre Boulle. Charlton Heston. tv. "In this universe there must be something bigger than man". Time warp, strange planet inhabited by a small population of apes, and finally in the desert H. bumps into the arm of the Statue of Liberty.
Terhi's videos: the super concert in Germany. A Rockpile program directed by Peter Carr (Albert Lee plays with Dave Edmunds). Mink De Ville boring.
Raiders of the Lost Ark / Kadonneen aarteen metsästäjät. US 1981. D: Steven Spielberg. Filmstaden. Not impressed.
The Kid from Spain / Härkätaistelija. US 1932. D: Leo McCarey. Eddie Cantor. Busby Berkeley tv. Good and bad moments.
La ultima cena / The Last Supper. CU 1976. D: Tomas Gutierrez Alea. Filmklubben / Filmstaden. Too much Buñuel imitation at first, but breaks loose later.
Los sobrevivientes / The Survivors. CU 1978. D: Tomas Gutierrez Alea. Fkl / Fst. Dedicated to Buñuel, but becomes terribly bad.
Punkmordet. SE 1981. PC: Slussenfilm. In the repertory of Erkki Astala. Glimpses from underground Stockholm.
The Creature from the Black Lagoon / Mustan laguunin hirviö. US 1954. D: Jack Arnold. Filmstaden, 3D (red / green glasses). There are moments of poetry, starting from the introduction. 3D can be fun when the fish swims towards us or when the harpoon rushes towards the camera.

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