Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suomalaistyttöjä Tukholmassa

Finska flickor i Stockholm / [Finnish Girls in Stockholm]. FI 1952. PC: Fennada. P: Mauno Mäkelä. D: Roland af Hällström. SC: Kaarlo Nuorvala. DP: Esko Töyri. M: Tapio Ilomäki, Josef Kaartinen. Starring Toini Vartiainen (Rauha), Eija Inkeri (Kirsti), Maija Karhi (Liisa) - Esko Saha (Olavi Peltola), Åke Lindman (Erik), William Markus (Sven) - Henake Schuback (Italian engineer), Elvi Saarnio (Finnish streetwalker). 102 min. Vintage print viewed at Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 18 June 2008. - Beautiful definition of light, but a focus problem in the old print. - Fun to compare with Sex and the City the movie. - This small and unpretentious film has unintended documentary value for the modern viewer. It records the very start of the "Ruotsinlaiva" syndrome of tenement-building-sized cruisers shuttling between Stockholm and Helsinki or Turku (Åbo). The drama is based on the abysmal difference in the living-standard of affluent Sweden and poor Finland still struggling in the aftermath of three terrible wars. (First in the 1980s the gap was getting even, and still Sweden has the superior lead in cultural heritage, manners and mores.) - We see in a cheerfully superficial mood different strategies of experiencing Stockholm, and a selection of stereotypical male responses to the unexperienced girls.

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