Saturday, July 17, 2010

On holiday from the cinema

A pike caught at Lake Puruvesi (Lake Saimaa), 17 July 2010. Foto Laila Alanen

Holiday at Lake Saimaa. Here July is the worst month of the year for fishing, there are no big fish in our shallow-water bay anyway, and in the temperatures of 30 grades even the medium-sized ones retreat into the deep waters far away. Today in the middle of the afternoon a hungry 2 kg pike caught the Kuusamo Professor lure (make: red and black sawtooth pattern ideal for the clear water of the Puruvesi Lake) and put up a fight, jumping in the air. In July pikes are at their most ferocious as fighters. Pike is sometimes underestimated as a dish, but if you understand how to make it, it can be delicious. Enough to eat for eight.

The lure is also an image, a moving image, with an illusion powerful enough for a substantial catch.

Sigmund Freud's concept of art was basically Hamlet's The Mouse Trap: an artifice with a function to reveal - and catch - something fundamental in real life.

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