Friday, August 20, 2010

Film Comment's annotated blog roll (compiled by Paul Brunick)

IT’S ALIVE!: The Top Film Criticism Sites: An Annotated Blog Roll
Compiled by Paul Brunick, July/August 2010

Paul Brunick has edited a witty blog survey with capsule reviews of each blog listed. I'm happy to disagree with him on the fall of film criticism in the print media. Unlike him I bemoan it as a terrible blow in the history of professional film criticism which cannot be compensated by any amount of unpaid freelanced blogging.

"The blog roll has become the defining trope of critical exchange in the early Internet era: its network of laterally enmeshed connections quite literally defines “the Web.”" - "For every URL included, one of our crack contributors has come up with an elegantly pithy synopsis of the critical style and obsessively revisited subjects that define the spirit of the site."

The Self-Styled Siren

Strictly Film School

Diagonal Thoughts

Not Coming to a Theater Near You


The Academic Hack


DVD Beaver

Kino Slang

Ludic Despair

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule

Some Came Running

Wright On Film

Moving Image Source


Film Journey

The Front Row


Video Watchblog

Girish Shambu


Paul Schrader

Observations on Film Art

Unexplained Cinema

Masters of Cinema

Dave Kehr

Thanks for the Use of the Hall

Jonathan Rosenbaum


Supposed Aura

World Picture

Ain’t It Cool News

The Man Who Viewed Too Much

MUBI (the website formerly known as The Auteurs)

Order of the Exile


The Seventh Art

The House Next Door

Reverse Shot

Senses of Cinema


Landscape Suicide

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