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International cinematheque programme booklets

La Cinémathèque française: Programme mars-avril-mai 2012. La Cinémathèque française (Paris) keeps going strong. L'Exhibition Tim Burton, from 7 March till 4 August - La Cinémathèque française is the only European stop of the legendary exhibition - is the mainstay with a full Tim Burton retrospective and a carte blanche (I copy Tim Burton's carte blanche programme to the end of this entry). There is also a retro of Philippe Rousselot, one of Burton's favourite cinematographers. Not far from these contexts is a Journée Georges Franju - and an extensive historical survey by AFF to Le Cinéma fantastique français (I copy more details about it, as well, to the end of this entry). Kiyoshi Kurosawa gets a retrospective. The Robert Altman retrospective is continued. There are remarkable tributes to Alain Cavalier and Bulle Ogier. And the constantly surprising Histoire du cinéma project continues with many discoveries.

L'Institut Lumière: Rue du Premier-Film, Magazine de L'Institut Lumière (Lyon), #95, 3 février - 15 avril 2012. "Rétrospective René Clément" is the cover story of this visually most splendid cinematheque programme journal. Other themes include "L'amour du cinéma: les grands classiques"; "16 mm, noir & blanc à la Villa Lumière: Les dialoguistes du cinéma français, par Raymond Chirat", "Week-end Quais du Polar", "Fenêtres sur le cinéma du Sud", "Stage Jean Douchet sur Andreï Tarkovski", "Ciné-concerts: Pêcheur d'Islande et Le Cuirassé Potemkine" and "La nuit Clive Barker".

La Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg. The Luxembourg city magazine has a prominent cinémathèque section: Beryl's: City Magazine Luxembourg Februar 2012 includes presentations of Illuminago Laterna Magica shows, Le Monde en Doc, Clive Barker's Gruesome Twosome, and François Truffaut's Vive Doinel!

Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré in Madrid): febrero 2012 presents Centenario de Nicholas Ray; El Institut Lumière presenta; Raúl Ruiz part III; Recuerdo de Amparo Muñoz, Angelino Fons, Farley Granger, Florinda Chico, Jane Russell, and Peter Falk; Gastrofestival: Cine y gastronomia II; and Cine para todos.

BFI Southbank: BFI Southbank March 2012. London's legendary cinema formerly known as NFT (National Film Theatre) is a part of the BFI (British Film Institute)."The Passion of Carl Dreyer" is the main retrospective. The extensive "Dickens on Screen" project is concluded in its Part Three. An extended run is given to a DCP of Laura. Other themes include "Peter Cook: Genius at Work", "The Cinematic Race to the South Pole" (see Pordenone 2011), and "Ken Russell on TV".

Arsenal, Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.: Arsenal, März 2012. Berlin's avantgarde-oriented Arsenal cinema is located at the Filmhaus am Potsdamer Platz. Amont the March themes are Retrospektive Otar Iosseliani, Direct Cinema, Magical History Tour - Montage, Living Archive: Ausstellung und Performance, Camp / Anti-Camp: Carmen Miranda und Alla Nazimova.

Filmmuseum: Filmmuseum Februar / März 2012. Vienna's Filmmuseum programming concentrates on two great Americans: Preston Sturges and Robert Altman. Michael Snow is present in person together with his exhibition "Michael Snow. Recent Works". A Filmmuseum premiere presentation is Raavanan by Mani Ratnam. Ongoing features are "Was ist Film" (Programm 55-58) and "Die Utopie Film" (Kapitel 61).

Det Danske Filminstitut: Cinemateket Marts 2012. The Danish Film Institute runs the most popular cinematheque programming of the Nordic countries in the heart of the city at the Filmhuset on Gothersgade 55 in Copenhagen. Among the March themes are "The Saviour Angel of Japanese Cinema: Art Theatre Guild of Japan", "the documentary of the month: Darwin (Nick Brandestini)", "Alfred Hitchcock: the British Years", "the film of the month: Guilty (Vincent Garenq)", "Cinematurca: new Turkish cinema", "Janina Lapinskaite: the Lithuanian Outsider", "Bio 12:30 - cinema in the middle of the day with coffee and a cake", "wish films", "Johan Jacobsen centenary: the best kept secret of Danish cinema", and a live cinema event "Germaine Dulac: pure cinema" with Spektr.

Cinemateket (Stockholm): Programtidning oktober-november 2011, Programtidning december 2011 - januari 2012, Programtidning februari-mars 2012. Last autumn's selections included: "The classic: The Bridge on the River Kwai", "Actors Studio: Sven-Bertil Taube", "UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage: Gränsfolken", Luis Buñuel, Bo Widerberg, Lucrecia Martel, F.W. Murnau, Hal Ashby, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, "Profession: Reporter", "Fashion Film Saturday", a live cinema event of Nanook of the North. - Among the December-January themes were: Orson Welles, Lina Wertmüller, Erich von Stroheim, "costume films", Boris Barnet, John le Carré, "High School", A Torinói ló / The Turin Horse. - In February-March the Cinemateket presents: Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill (9 March), a tribute to the Göteborg International Film Festival, Arab cinema, Cinephilia, Luis Buñuel II, Lynne Ramsay, and Banditi a Orgosolo. Permanent features include: classics of the documentary, "a hundred Swedish films you must see", and programming for children.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012 catalogue offers great reading, as well, and Olaf Möller's programme notes on "Peter von Bagh: The Finland Inside" are the best introduction I have read about the incredibly prolific maestro's film oeuvre. Sometimes it takes an outsider to see the forest from the trees.

CARTE BLANCHE À TIM BURTON (PARIS 2012), "miroir de son imaginaire": The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Horror of Dracula (1957), The Brain from Planet Arous, Pit and the Pendulum, Desperate Living, Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932), Dracula (1931), Invaders from Mars (1953), The Bride of the Monster, Frankenstein (1931), Glen or Glenda, The Man Who Laughs (1927), Otto e mezzo, Jason and the Argonauts, The Mummy's Hand, Nosferatu (1922), Plan 9 from Outer Space, First Men in the Moon, Repulsion, Scream Blacula Scream, Omega Man, Journey to the Center of the Earth (1960), Tex Avery Follies.

RÉTROSPECTIVE LE CINÉMA FANTASTIQUE FRANÇAIS (PARIS 2012), une programmation proposée par Les Archives Françaises du Film du CNC: Fantaisies en musique (early shorts), Animations fantastiques (shorts), Contes 1-5 with Le Petit Poucet, La septième porte, Alice au pays des merveilles (1949), and L'Or et le plomb. Fées et créatures supernaturelles with La Goulve and La Nuit fantastique. Revenants et fantômes 1-6 with Le Manoir de la peur, Orphée, Sylvie et le fantôme, La Charrette fantôme, La Redevance du fantôme, and La Demoiselle et son revenant. Savants fous et personnages maléfiques 1-5 with Le Chevalier de la nuit, Le Testament du Docteur Cordelier, Midi-minuit, Traitement du choc, and Le Monde tremblera. Sorciers et sorcières 1-4 with La Sorcière, Sortilèges, La Vie exécrable de Guillemette Babin, and Coïncidences. Magie et magiciens with shorts and La Dame de pique (1937) and La Dame de pique (1965). Rêves et cauchemars 1-6 with Litan, Les Mains d'Orlac (1961), L'Armoire volante (1948), Malpertuis (1972), Le Temps de mourir (1970), and Les Créatures (1966). Aventures sidérales with Croisières sidérales. With an abundance of shorts in all categories.

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