Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bologna 2013 web links

Last updated 7 Aug 2014

Il Cinema Ritrovato
Il Cinema Ritrovato lectures: most of the lectures behind this link
Cinefilia Ritrovata. Cinefilia ritrovata è un progetto coordinato da Roy Menarini, con la cura editoriale di Alessandro Cavazza e la collaborazione di Elena Geri, Matteo Lollini, Andrea Ravagnan. A comprehensive, well illustrated blog coverage with many video recordings of major discussions, 17 June - 7 July, 2013.
Kevin Brownlow on Allan Dwan in Bologna
Dave Kehr
The Dwan Patrol:
Afterthoughts included in the Walter Hill chain: Knuckling Down:
The Dwan debate goes on for over two weeks, terrific remarks by Frederic Lombardi on July 25, 2013 at 4:05 am, and before
Photogénie (Bart Versteirt, Tom Paulus, Anke Brouwers)
Silent London (Pamela Hutchinson)
Fandor (David Hudson)
Hollywood Reporter (Clarence Tsui interviews Peter von Bagh)
Jonathan Rosenbaum
Meredith Brody
Simone Starace
Sergio M. Germani in il manifesto, 10 July 2013
Kristin Thompson, 16 July 2013
Film Comment (Genevieve Yue), 19 July 2013
Senses of Cinema (Peter Hourigan), 26 September 2013
Peter Rist, Off/Screen, Volume 18, issue 3 / March 2014

David Phelps and Gina Telaroli (ed.): Allan Dwan (A Dossier). Lumière, 2013, 460 pages

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