Thursday, April 16, 2009

Huuto tuuleen

A Shout Into the Wind. FI (c) 2007 Oktober Oy. P: Joonas Berghäll. D+SC: Katja Gauriloff. DP: Jarkko T. Laine, J.-P. Passi, Jani Kumpulainen, Pentti Pällijeff, Johannes Lehmuskallio. M: Pekka Karjalainen. ED: Tuuli Kuittinen. S: Juha Hakanen. 56 min. Digibeta from Katja Gauriloff, with English subtitles by Susan Heiskanen, viewed at Cinema Orion, 15 April 2009 in the presence of Katja Gauriloff. - This is the story of the Skolt Sami today, a proud people of ca 600 only, most of which lived in Petsamo, now part of Russia, and now living around Lake Sevetti. - The film both gives a view of the lived life of the Skolt Sami and the action to have their status as an indigenous people accepted. - The director herself is a Skolt Sami.

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