Friday, July 03, 2009

Cento anni fà 10 – Italia 1909

A Hundred Years Ago 10 – Italy 1909.
Presenta Giovanni Lasi. Grand piano: Antonio Coppola. Viewed in Bologna, Cinema Lumière 1, 2 July 2009.

Prima parte – Arte e storia: il destino italiano / First Part – Art and history: The destiny of Italy

Iulius Caesar. IT 1909. D: Giovanni Pastrone. Based on William Shakespeare. PC: Itala-Film 35mm. 255 m. B&w. Titres français. From: Cineteca di Bologna. - The assassination plot. The dream of Calpurnius. The shocked Marcus Antonius. Brutus and his friends evicted from Rome. The battle of Philippes. The death of Brutus. 12 min
Il piccolo garibaldino. IT 1909. PC: Cines. 35mm. Orig: 242 m. 224 m. B&w. [NOT: Deutsche Zwischentitel, as announced but Italian ones]. From: Cineteca Nazionale. - Restored in 2007, partly digitized, Desmet colour, ok print. - The boy wants to volunteer to fight with Garibaldi. The boy's dream projected on the wall. Meeting the father at the voluntary camp. A battle sequence. "I want to die next to him". The appearance of Garibaldi. A fairy-tale image of heaven. - 13 min
La signora dalle camelie. IT 1909. PC: Film d’Arte Italiana. Based on Alexandre Dumas, fils. 35mm. 343 m. B&w. No intertitles From: Museo Nazionale del Cinema. - The image is a bit dim, with a digital intermediate look. - 16 min
Spergiura! / Meineidig / The False Oath. IT 1909. PC: Ambrosio. Based on a novel by Honoré de Balzac (which one?). 35mm. 250 m. Tinted and toned. Deutsche Zwischentitel. From: Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek. - A beautiful image. - Historical drama.
Cretinetti re dei ladri. IT 1909. PC: Itala-Film. 35mm. 100 m. B&w and tinted. No intertitles. From: Cineteca di Bologna. - Comedy

The second part of the show I missed partly because the show was running late of schedule.

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