Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cento anni fà 8 – Danimarca & Nordisk 1909

A Hundred Years Ago 8 – Denmark & Nordisk 1909.
Presenta Thomas Christensen, grand piano: Antonio Coppola. Viewed in Bologna, Cinema Lumière 1, 1 July 2009.

1909 was the last year when the short format was dominant in Danish film production. Nordisk was the dominant company. The last three films were also recently highlighted at the memorable "The Last Cigarette" retrospective at the DFI.

Capriciosa. DK 1909. D: Viggo Larsen. CAST: Lauritz Olsen, Gustav Lund, Petrine Sonne; PC: Nordisk. 35mm. 132 m. 7’ a 16 fps. B&w. From: DFI / Printed in 1993. - A fairy-tale about a young sailor who is given a wallet which is always full. However, he may not give anyone else any money. - In Méliès style about the inexhaustible wallet. The return of the prodigal.
Ved havet. DK 1909. D: Ole Olsen. PC: Nordisk. 35mm. 229 m. 13’ a 16 fps. Tinted. Svenska mellantexter. From: DFI / Printed in 2003. - A compilation of two films, one non-fiction, another realistic fiction. - The might of the sea. The net thrown to the sea, the boat keels over, the men are at the mercy of the sea, the funeral (fine composition).
Une vie gaspillée. DK 1910 ca. PC: Continental. 35mm. 154 m. 7’ a 20 fps. Tinted. Titres français. From: DFI / Printed in 2006. - Tragedy. - Unidentified Danish film. - Beautiful composition. - The two worlds: falling into the depths of squalor, a miserable saloon with Tuborg and Carlsberg ads. - In snowstorm the woman staggers back to her parents but is dismissed. Morte oubliée de tous.
Vidundercigaren. DK 1909. PC: Nordisk. 35mm. Orig.: 106 m. 55 m. 3’ a 16 fps. B&w. No intertitles. From: DFI / Printed in 1993. - A comedy. - A puff from the magic cigar knocks everybody down.
Dobbeltgaengeren / Die verräterische Cigarette. DK 1910. D: Holger Rasmussen. CAST: Aage Hertel, Victor Fabian, Otto Lagoni, Einar Zangenberg; PC: Nordisk. 35mm. Orig: 317 m. 265 m. 14’ a 16 fps. Tinted. Deutsche Zwischentitel. From: DFI / Printed in 2007. - A detective story, sharp composition, a beautiful telephone triple screen with bustle on the street in the middle panel. - The story is about burglary of a safe, with several thrills, including a final chase where a car is after a train.

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