Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the Core of the Documentary Film (press conference)

Cinema Orion, Helsinki, 18 Aug 2009. - Ilkka Kippola and Jari Sedergren's magnificent book Dokumentin ytimessä. Suomalaisen dokumentti- ja lyhytelokuvan historia 1904-1944 [In the Core of the Documentary Film. The History of Finnish Documentary and Short Film 1904-1944] was published. It is one of the most important Finnish film books of the decade, full with discoveries of a little-charted territory. Among the audience were notables such as Sven Hirn, Jörn Donner, and Peter von Bagh. Three short films were screened:
Herää Helsinki! [Wake Up, Helsinki!]. FI 1939. PC: Suomi-Filmi, D: Valentin Vaala
Tempo. A Film-Rhapsody of Manufacture. FI 1933. PC: Aho & Soldan
Sireenien kukkiessa 1941 [Lilac Time 1941]. FI 1941. PC: Puolustusvoimat [The Finnish Defense Forces]

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