Saturday, April 23, 2016

Altin vuruş / Golden Shot

Golden Shot. Please click to enlarge.

Director: Gökalp Gönen
Production: -
TK 2015
Technique: 2D computer animation
Narration/dialogue: only sound and music
Duration: 9 min
Cinema Andorra, Helsinki (Animatricks, International Shorts 2: Bulb Fiction) 23 April 2016

"Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday."

AA: A fantasy about a machine world in eternal night. The most fascinating sequence is a "film in a film" passage where the robot protagonist watches an ancient animation starring the sun. It even discovers an animation studio where it finds out that the sun has been chained. Another fascinating invention is the dancing robots equipped with knives (see the image above). A strong sense of space and fantasy.

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