Friday, April 22, 2016

In the Distance

In the Distance. Do click to enlarge!

Director: Florian Grolig
Production: Florian Grolig
DE 2015
Technique: 3D computer animation
Narration/dialogue: only sound and music
Duration: 7 min
Cinema Andorra, Helsinki (Animatricks, International Shorts 1: Metamorphosis of Love) 22 April 2016

"It's calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night it draws closer."

AA: A remarkable visionary animation focusing on a high building from which we only see the top inhabited by a solitary man who owns a hen and a flower pot. There is a war going on but the man stays out of it. There are flying jets. There are aerial dogfights. There are parachutes with provisions. There are ladders with which soldier try to reach our man. He kicks them back. Himself, he has a rope ladder. Strong, consistent, original, well made.

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