Friday, February 04, 2005

Ba mùa

Three Seasons / Kolme vuodenaikaa / Tre årstider. VN / US 1998. PC: October Films / Quan Giai Phong / Open City Films. D+SC: Tony Bui. DP: Lisa Rinzler. Starring Don Duong (Hai), Nguyen Ngoc Hiep (Kien An), Zoë Bui (Lan), Harvey Keitel (James Hager). A Kamras release. In Vietnamese with Finnish / Swedish subtitles. Viewed at SEA, Orion, Helsinki, 3 Feb 2005. An impressive debut feature by Tony Bui, the first American film shot in Vietnam since the war. The film covers four stories in Shanghai. The atmosphere is wonderful, there is an intensive feeling of heat, of lived life. The colour cinematography is sensually, vibrantly photochemical. Worth revisiting (I saw the first 30 minutes only).

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